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New Profile Posts

  1. Aider
    Version 1.31 has been released! Go see what the Halflings have in store for you all!
  2. Aider
    Our update to version 1.31 is schedule for Thursday, June 8th. Mark your calendars!
  3. Aider
    June Episode of InnoTV has been posted. Check it out!
  4. Aider
    US7 is now live! Check it out!
  5. Aider
    DIAMONDS, DIAMONDS, DIAMONDS! Check out our competition page for your chance to win!
  6. Aider
    Update to version 1.30 has been postponed. Please read the release notes for any additional information. Thank you!
  7. Aider
    Update to version 1.30, TOMORROW! :)
  8. Aider
    Our update to version 1.29 has been pushed to all live servers! Enjoy!
  9. Aider
    Aider summertricia
    Happy Birthday!
  10. Aider
    Aider MIRA69
    Happy Birthday!
  11. Aider
    Aider jps54
    Happy Birthday!
  12. Aider
    Aider dacrete
    Happy Birthday!
  13. Aider
    The Elvenar Team is looking for YOU! Want to be a moderator? Check out the announcement section.
  14. Aider
    Release notes for version 1.29 have been released in the release notes section. Check them out!
  15. Aider
    Hi all, don't forget to check out the announcement on the new mini-quest series coming soon!
  16. Aider
    Update to version 1.28 has been postponed. Please view announcement for more information. Thank you!
  17. Aider
    Forum skin has been made live for US.
  18. Aider
    US6 is live!
  19. Aider
    Forum update has been rescheduled for May 2nd. Please view the announcement for more information. Thank you!
  20. Aider
    New World, Sinya Arda, Announced!