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Recent content by Agvar

  1. Agvar

    Connection issues

    Surely they have heard of UPS and back-up generators?
  2. Agvar

    Broken Chat

    I see chat is broken again. Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just me? Would be interesting to know if Inno ever sanctions staff who cause these mess-ups.
  3. Agvar

    News from Beta - Archived

    I agree with Torcuato, the chances of getting artifacts seems to be miniscule. I've just done the first 2 floors and didn't even get a mystery chest, much less an artifact. I'm not sure that anyone else in the FS has got more than 2 over the last 5 weeks. I'd also like to add that the RNG seems...
  4. Agvar

    One Word Reply Game

  5. Agvar

    One Word Reply Game

  6. Agvar

    Help Forum / Game - Abbreviations, Slang, Confusing Terms Guide And FAQ

    I keep seeing RNG as an abbreviation, but can't find your translation here. I'm assuming it isn't 'Really Nice Graphics'.
  7. Agvar

    One Word Reply Game

  8. Agvar

    Fellowship chat just got erased.

    The response I got from Support was 'Sorry, everything was lost when chat had a glitch and nothing can be recovered'. My fellowship was not amused, especially the new members who'd just joined and had been given useful tips. I was wondering what people think about having a fellowship...
  9. Agvar

    Unable to Login

    With the latest update the problem seems to have gone away, so have those annoying 'in yer face' bright green timer icons. Hooray.
  10. Agvar

    Unable to Login

    Thanks for that, but it didn't clear the problem. Incidentally I only get this with my city in Felyndral, no such problems with my Beta city. It's also intermittent. I've managed to login twice today after many clickings of the refresh button, but it seems to take more and more each time.
  11. Agvar

    Unable to Login

    Hi Folks I'm getting the following error when I try to login. I've reported it to Support, but I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced this problem.
  12. Agvar

    Autumn Zodiac Event Discussion Thread

    I got lucky with the May Celebrations event and ended up with 2 May Trees. One I evolved to L10 for the KP, the other I deliberately left lower to generate Shards. I just have to keep an eye on the number of Shards I have so as not to go over 10. Just wish I had space for all the AWs I've...
  13. Agvar

    Autumn Zodiac Event Discussion Thread

    Yes, there was one, it came out about a day or two after the event started.
  14. Agvar

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Not for me I'm afraid, but this is a rather old laptop and that could be the problem. but thanks for the help anyway. I can get to your FB page, but the link just gets nerfed. Not your fault, just wish FB wouldn't keep messing about with things. Managed to switch back to the old format and the...
  15. Agvar

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    This link is showing as currently unavailable in the new FB format as of 1st September.