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Recent content by Agvar

  1. Agvar

    Filters for Goods

    In the browser version of the game you can filter for tier-1 to 3 Goods. it would be really useful to have this feature in the app version. Why is it that the left-hand of Inno does one thing, whilst the right-hand does something completely different?
  2. Agvar

    Discussion The Buried City

    I've got it placed, together with anything else I have that produces Orcs to replenish the 125K lost in a Tourney a couple of weeks back. Once back up to stock it'll be time to use the Teleports as you can't sell stuff made in the MA (shame).
  3. Agvar


    Whilst all of that is true, the mail system has failed in the past so this would give an additional layer of support to the FS. Also, having the noticeboard would obviate the need to continually mail people, especially those who've already read it (and I'm pretty sure not all my members read...
  4. Agvar


    Some years back I used to play Goodgame Empire. One of the features they had was a Noticeboard for the equivilant to our Fellowships. Admittedly it only allowed 10 threads, but it was very useful for posting tips and tricks for new members. A feature like that would IMHO greatly enhance the FS...
  5. Agvar

    Fellowship badge change

    I didn't want to start a political discussion, my comments would fill pages. I just thought it would be a nice gesture to show some moral support for the people of Ukraine in these troubling times by changing the badge colours, which my FS has now done.
  6. Agvar

    Discussion The Buried City

    Something that really struck me as off though was the animation, it looks like you're ripping the heads off the poor donkeys. Surely someone in Inno noticed this and considered it wrong. Then again maybe not, after all they still support a slave trade in Orcs. A while back we were jumping...
  7. Agvar

    Discussion The Buried City

    Not the last typo either.
  8. Agvar

    Tournament/Spire Formula SUCKS!!

    I generally only do the Spire for the Teleport Spells. My strategy is to do half or all of the Gateway as soon as the Spire opens, then wait for the Tourney when I feed the Phoenix and place any temp military buildings I have space for. I am in Chapter XIV Constructs now, have over 150 AW...
  9. Agvar

    One Word Reply Game

  10. Agvar

    Agvar's Angels recruiting

    Torcuato and several other major players have left our FS recently, so there are big holes to fill if anyone is interested. we're currently 23/25, but I can make more room if necessary. We are averaging 5-6 Tourney chests and 100+ Spire points; level 6, Ranking around 310 mark. A lot of our...
  11. Agvar

    Agvar's Angels looking for member

    Torcuato has left our Fellowship leaving a great big hole if anyone wishes to fill it :)
  12. Agvar

    Wheel of Fortune additions

    Some suggested additions to the Ferris Wheel Galore:- Vitality Surge Sip of Clarity (The Purple crystal in the Spire, I forget it's name) PET FOOD Of course, it's entirely possible that others have already suggested this, but hey...
  13. Agvar

    Help Forum / Game - Abbreviations, Slang, Confusing Terms Guide And FAQ

    I'm guessing there will be some additions soon to cover things like Sips of Clarity, Sorceries, Vitality Surges and the like.
  14. Agvar

    Fellowship badge change

    Hi Folks Our Fellowship is currently deciding whether to change it's badge colours to match those of the Ukrainian flag in a show of solidarity. Has anyone else considered this?
  15. Agvar

    Connection issues

    Surely they have heard of UPS and back-up generators?