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Recent content by ajqtrz

  1. Must be Fixed !!

    Happened to me today. But it now happens very rarely as the very fact that it happens has made me more consistently check inventory before I start negotiations. So I guess it's a case of "learn or burn." But, that, in some ways, is what gaming is about. You learn what works, and what...
  2. City Expansions

    I agree that it would be nice if the expansions were free, more in the research tree, and more you can earn via exploration, but I also think the reason they aren't is that Inno has to pay some bills. And since Elvenar is not a "free to program and offer" game, they have to find reasonable ways...
  3. New Game Features Fellowship Adventure "Pooling" of items for badges

    Well, I reject thier rejection and if they reject this rejection of their rejection, I'll reject that too! (That ought to fix 'em!) AJ
  4. Complete May Diamond giveaway

    Congrats to all! I just wonder if, in six months, we'll actually be using the names, let alone remembering them? :cool:;) AJ
  5. What is the value of a broken shard?

    The following discusses the value of a rune shard. I assume the value of a broken rune shard is one-tenth the value of a rune shard. I find that, on average, it takes 17 rune shards to do a rune phase if your rune shard bar has 10 in it at the beginning. This average has been steady for the...
  6. Combat - browser vs mobile

    Thanks all for the detailed discussion here. I've learned a lot and will use it to improve my own battles. Especially considering the placement of troops (order of selection, since I auto-fight), and initiative. AJ
  7. New Game Features Temporary Substitute Player

    Actually, this was meant to be clear that I didn't think anybody thinking other than I thought was being unreasonable. I've often found that people who disagree with you tend to take your disagreement personally, as an insult, so I sometimes make it clear that that is not the case. AJ
  8. Chests

    "MA" = Magic Academy. That's where you craft things. You can either click on it in your city, or click on the far right "crafting" icon at the main menu at the bottom center of your screen. AJ
  9. User Interface Change sort order of Instants in web game

    This suggestion gets my vote. I've always wondered who came up with the current order. I think moving the things you can actually use from the instants tab to the front makes all the sense in the world, and, I really doubt it would take a lot of programming. AJ
  10. Never seen this before...

    I have one in my neighborhood that has been there two years. Of course I skipped exploring it so maybe that's to be expected? ;) I've never seen that message before though. AJ
  11. Request move from current world

    It's pretty easy to make such mistakes in language, isn't it? We have a concept or idea and when we express ourselves we often forget that our assumptions or perceptions aren't always in line with others -- which causes us to leave information out (why should I say what everyone, obviously...
  12. Chapter Goods

    In general, no....but... you may need granite and/or copper to do quests for the chapter you haven't done and/or to upgrade your streets. So look at the quests and see if you've done all for the chapter, then look at your streets and see if you've upgraded them as far as you can. The quests...
  13. Why the chicken crossed the road. (This is my final answer).

    If I could draw I'd draw this, but alas, words will have to do. Of course if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, the following will be cheating you out of hundreds. Still, at least it shouldn't get any "TL:DR", right? ;) Imagine said chicken crossing the road. It's moving from the left side...
  14. Request move from current world

    So much for starting a city on E. Now where do I go to be a big shot? AJ :cool:
  15. No Rebuilding on Khelonar necessary here....we just need to replace a couple

    "'And let there be ...' 2 openings left ..... and there were 2. Still looking. Getting close to Gold Spire level, 11 or 12 tournament chests weekly, 18 visits a day, trades usually gone in less than an hour, multiple ways to get KP for your AW, and, most of all, a positive and fun...