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Recent content by Alistaire

  1. Alistaire

    Tax brackets!

    Yeah certainly not the most serious suggestion, but you get that's not a valid argument against that kind of idea, right? With a system with a flat rate forever, people are actually encouraged to hoard as much as they can to fight against the decay. You lose more flat amount but not more %, so...
  2. Alistaire

    Tax brackets!

    Ya know what this game needs? Tax brackets for decaying goods. Are you a poor soul due to having bad sentient boosts and/or being on a server where the trade market is just not that great? People struggling to continue playing due to not being able to maintain could use a break on the...
  3. Alistaire

    number punctuation

    Regardless, even if they use the one your country doesn't use, I think everyone's fairly aware of all the versions.
  4. Alistaire

    Game Crashing

    Ditto, even doing nothing I get it after just being logged in about 20 seconds, or if I try to access anything that requires the game to check outside sources like trades etc.
  5. Alistaire

    Useless award

    Assuming you mean the next event does the same I think you overestimate how much people will be surprised.
  6. Alistaire

    Useless award

    Best suggestion here. While some people have liked this, it wouldn't have hurt to give something for the rest of us. (and most of those that like it are likely to get tired of it soon enough anyway)
  7. Alistaire

    They do fix things sometimes!

    All great, but don't fall into the trap of seeing those other comments as "negative." If it weren't for complaints about those exact issues they likely wouldn't have been fixed.
  8. Alistaire

    Daily gifts?

    Got a couple FS members saying they're now getting a "daily gift" icon to click next to the diamond menu. Didn't see anything here about it or news, but someone said they found a facebook conversation confirming some are getting it but seems to be random. Anyone getting anything good? Our guy...
  9. Alistaire

    Nope FA Not PvP

    Look at their post history; they're basically a troll that really wants this game to be pvp.
  10. Alistaire

    Happy March 14 Gentlemen!

    That dash makes me think this is more about moths somehow.
  11. Alistaire

    A Float of Bubbles - Double Negative

    Here's a good write-up on how double negatives can be correct. https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/whats-double-negative That particular sentence emphasizes that they "failed to amaze no one." It'd be different if they changed it.
  12. Alistaire

    Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards - discussion thread

    Just wait till they cycle to several of the more useless artifacts.
  13. Alistaire

    Moonstone Library goods adjustment

    In retrospect, this idea would've been nice. As it is now, they'd worry some people wouldn't like losing scrolls. The real fix would be allow people to pick, similar to how the trader gets the option of 2 goods in chapter 17.
  14. Alistaire

    Thoughts about Arcane Residue...

    Yeah I'm just sayin how things should be, not how they necessarily are.
  15. Alistaire

    Thoughts about Arcane Residue...

    You say this like this is some obscure niche type of player and not the thing everyone should be doing cause that's where all the rewards are at.