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Recent content by ALLANONN

  1. Other Scrolls as Toilet Paper?

    aww I think the animation would the the sh...... oh nevermind
  2. Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

    Lets go for Two
  3. Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

  4. City Moonstone Library should be limited to a single building (like other special sets)

    It is a major difference to say that INNO should prevent future sets from being more than one per player vrs saying an existing set piece that some get by choice and effort be limited to one per player, unless you already have multiple then its ok? Sorry but your thread title is wrong and...
  5. City Moonstone Library should be limited to a single building (like other special sets)

    I agree it is apples and oranges, and also a matter of luck for some sets, I only bring it up to highlight the idea that to change the Number of any past set with be a massive issue for some and a so what to others. I know that I took a break and did not participate during the "Bear" event so I...
  6. City Moonstone Library should be limited to a single building (like other special sets)

    I am against anything that retroactively nerfs the game, as was done in the past to the players and caused such a severe disruption. Not to mention that if they fix the scroll issue then I cant see a problem with the set. I disagree strongly that they are overly strong and would say Winter...
  7. City Moonstone Library should be limited to a single building (like other special sets)

    I say drop this thread into the recycle bin ASAP
  8. Dwarves

    Since the update was released June 25th and you completed Dwarves by July 6th, you didn't start and finish under the new structure so your comments are as the OP's comments only a partial tale of the story. We do need to look at someone going through it fresh to determine the proper balance...
  9. Dwarves

    @Henroo, you made my point that the info is outdated, and that you think most players have for coins and supplies is at best a guess. I never used the wholesaler for "excess" gold and never would. My point is that How many Mines or Foundries may not be accurate from the Elvengems site that...
  10. Dwarves

    The issue is, do you have enough coin and supplies to do the upgrades and once upgraded how many are really needed? That part of the equation is not totally clear. Elvengems says "You will want to build as many granite mines as you can make space for; 10-15 and even more is not excessive" that...
  11. There's random and then there's Inno-Random?

    Your Stats are wrong I have 8 DA's, in my Summoning Tab, so it must be as simple as I stole yours, just before you went to collect. Otherwise Sam is saying INNO is using google analytics to determine based on what you did for what you need or it thinks you need.
  12. Forwarded Adjust spire set goods output

    I support this fully
  13. Increasing troop creation size

    Thanks, the city I am working on is in chapter 11 and the main armories are level 27 and 3 additional level 15 armories. Unfortunately, the SoSS is only at level 2 but it is going to be the focus of KP and the Needles is level 3.
  14. Increasing troop creation size

    @samidodamage what level should the additional armories be leveled to?
  15. Help Carnival Stash Outpost

    Only offered when the Devs want too and that means NO not every event gets one