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Recent content by Blindsider66

  1. Blindsider66

    Province Expansions in Late Chapters

    Doing the spire regularly, in a busy group most of whom do the spire, can be a steady source of diamonds (200-300 per week isn't too tough). Also crafting as much as you can in the magic Academy (which probably means doing a lot of tournaments for extra runes) can yield another 500 a month or...
  2. Blindsider66

    Feedback Ads Feedback thread

    I have noticed this past week that one of my Winyandor cities is having ads thrown at it numerous times daily while the other larger city has yet to see a single ad appear on the screen. Could the fact that I post all my comments through this larger city be the possible reason for no ads? I...
  3. Blindsider66

    Feedback Ads Feedback thread

    Over the years I have pumped more than enough hard currency into this game and Inno's coffers to put a few of their kids through college. And now they expect us to endure a barrage of 30 second gotta haves. I was contemplating a little down time in the near future but now I'm thinking along the...
  4. Blindsider66

    Wrong tournament type on Elcysandir

    We might have just finished our second Planks Tournament on Saturday but Elvenstats is reading it differently. According to their statistics we played Crystal. Curious to see how they were dealing with our double up, I checked the Tournament Chart and it reads Crystal. Stop the giggling. I had a...
  5. Blindsider66

    Are Tournaments back on track?

    After last weeks little snafu left me wrong-suited in troops, and with no definitive answer as to which Tournament we in Winyandor will face this Tuesday, I have decided to play it safe and reinforced my troops equally. I can't afford to be pumping time-offs into the barracks to get troops I...
  6. Blindsider66

    The Pit

    I'm partial to #2. It looks like it's ready to pull everything thats around it in. In other words, the complete opposite of how I view the Pit of our FA's. And that is something that only wants what I don't have. Peace Blindsider66
  7. Blindsider66

    Sequence change in the Academy

    I usually have something cooking up in my Magic Academy and it's not very often that it is left inactive. After checking to see what is available, or on the progress of whatever it is I am brewing up, I flip over to the Enchantments page and ensure all five slots are being used. Earlier this...
  8. Blindsider66

    Is this a bug or just a hiccup?

    A couple nights ago this message appeared when I was trying to open the shop and collect the daily chest. I shut down the game then logged back in later and all was well. Like I said I don't think it's a bug. Just never had a message like it displayed on my screen before. Peace Blindsider66
  9. Blindsider66


    Chapter 10 was when Mana problems started hitting me as well. It seemed like every upgrade or technology demanded Mana and at a far faster rate than I could provide it. When I asked for advice, most people suggested the Arcane Library as a good source. The problem was that I had very little...
  10. Blindsider66

    Heavy Melee Shrine's?

    Nice. 75% works for me. When you say rare, I'm going to have to figure these buildings are not being made available in my M.A.. I have a hard enough time catching the three major Military Buildings when they make appearances in the Academy this one would be like looking for a needle in a...
  11. Blindsider66

    Heavy Melee Shrine's?

    I had searched through the past seasons buildings awards for both 'pass holders' and regular players without seeing the Shrine listed. They appear to be rare. 'Tome of the Fearless' is one I have not had the privilege of adding to my collection yet. Glandeh, what military advantages, if any...
  12. Blindsider66

    Heavy Melee Shrine's?

    A building labeled 'Heavy Melee Shrine 'caught my eye last night while I was visiting a neighbor. I almost didn't see it sitting there because it fit in so nicely with a grouping of Military Buildings ( UUU, MMM & ELR ) yet it is definitely something I have never seen before. I searched around...
  13. Blindsider66


    Dragon Abbey is a really good source for Mana. Currently mine is at level 13 and provides 11.3k for every Enchanted used. It's great for those little emergencies when you need a quick refill and don't have the time to wait. Is that vacant land I see in the middle of your city? Can I rent...
  14. Blindsider66

    When are they ever discovered?

    Thank you kindly, Sweetp. I went back and checked a couple of the cities I had long ago scouted and there it was...Discovered. I better start paying more attention to the things I'm trying to pay attention to. Peace Blindsider66
  15. Blindsider66

    When are they ever discovered?

    I've been clearing out Provinces for over 4 years now and yet I can't remember one city ever being labeled as Discovered. There has to be some other explanation for this. I can't have been playing this game wrong for this long. Ouch! I might have to start beating myself up if that's the case...