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Recent content by CanDaMan

  1. CanDaMan

    No pressure fellowship

    Are you still interested? I can tell you how to go about it, if you want. We WILL take you, if you apply.
  2. CanDaMan

    No pressure fellowship

    We only need 1 now!
  3. CanDaMan

    No pressure fellowship

    You have to leave your current fellowship, then you can apply to Peaceful Haven.
  4. CanDaMan

    No pressure fellowship

    WE need 3 now, but are still ranked 44. Removed long inactive members, who didn't respond to multiple requests for input. We get it, life happens, but if we are given a heads up, arrangements can be made. Communication. We don't ask a lot. We are building quickly, jump in for the ride!
  5. CanDaMan

    No pressure fellowship

    Only need 1, and our rank went to 48!
  6. CanDaMan

    User Interface Messaging Addition for PC (edited)

    Yes, I just found out in from the fellowship, it still would be nice on PC. I'm not on mobile for the game.
  7. CanDaMan

    User Interface Messaging Addition for PC (edited)

    As most fellowships have KP swap threads, I think that when you want to give KP to the next person, you should be able to click the name and be able to go to their AW screen. As it is now, I have to go to messages, find out who is next, post that you gave KP, close messaging, get to the...
  8. CanDaMan

    Complete Pumpkin Decorating contest, October 2021

    Like. I'm not even going to enter! (No I'm not gay. Hey! lol.)
  9. CanDaMan

    Already merged, sorry.

    We have 4 (or possibly more, from lost players). We don't require much, just have fun! We welcome new players, so give us a ring!
  10. CanDaMan

    looking for friendly chatty fellowships

    Peaceful Haven is chatty, but we need more chatters(?)!
  11. CanDaMan

    There must be one somewhere in Felyndral.........

    Peaceful Haven has a couple of spots, we would welcome you.
  12. CanDaMan

    Does Inno limit crafting items?

    I no longer get certain crafting items, I used to get them (and crafted them) all the time, now it's - never. It would be just like them to limit WHATEVER we are trying to do, but I was looking for some confirmation.
  13. CanDaMan

    No pressure fellowship

    This is a great fellowship, with a rank of 53. We need 3 players, so the rank will go up dramatically!
  14. CanDaMan

    Increased Battle Losses

    Has anyone else noticed (hard not to) the increased losses for fighting (everywhere)? Are they putting the 'squeeze' on fighters?