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Recent content by Charle-Anne


    yes we do. Are you in Arendyll or Wyanaandor? I have cities in both worlds. Vinlanders is in Arendyll

    FerretShire 2 is recruiting members. We are looking for active players who want to play without stress or drama. We are not overly interested in rankings or points, we just want to play, build our cities, help each other grow and have fun. If this sounds like a fellowship you might be...

    Vinlanders is recruiting active players who just want to play without the restrictions of points or rankings. We help each other and play the tourneys and events but don't stress or get pulled into drama. If this sounds like a fellowship for you, check us out. Let our Archmage know if you...
  4. Now Recrruiting

    Songs of Experience is recruiting. If you are looking for a helpful, laid-back, easy going, but still forward moving fellowship with no pressure,or stress, come check us out. We help members with tips and trading.
  5. Looking for New Fellowship, was an Archmage

    Vinlanders would love to have you join us, we are laid back but our goals are to help each other, we chat, do the events and tournaments but are more interested in building our cities and having fun, it is a game after all. we have some seasoned members who are very helpful with tips for...

    Active Players is a non-stressful no-drama fellowship with friendly members who just want to grow and help each other. We are not looking to be the biggest or best, just active and enjoying the game. If interested, let us know.
  7. Somewhat Laid back Fellowship Looking To Merge.

    In Winyandor our fellowship is FerretShire2. when I posted the thread, I thought I was in the Arendyll forum. but if you are looking for a change, check us out our Archmage is Snutitu and we are an active but non stressful fellowship
  8. Somewhat Laid back Fellowship Looking To Merge.

    apologies, we are in Arendyll. In Felyndral we are Songs of Experience. Bot fellowships can use active players. I thought I was in Arendyll when I sent you the message so maybe its fate.
  9. Seeking members

    Vinlanders is a laid-back fellowship with players who help each other grow their cities. We have room for about 11 members who want to grow but not be stressed by ratings and competition. We do tournaments and events but don't get overly stressed out over results. We just want to play and...
  10. Somewhat Laid back Fellowship Looking To Merge.

    We are Vinlanders and if you are still looking to merge give us a look over, we have about 11 active members as well, we would like others to merge with us. you can contact me or our Archmage Odin Justin
  11. Active player seeks Active Fellowship

    Songs of Experience still has a few openings for active players. we are a fun group but do like to do tournaments and events. come check us out and see what you think

    3-Parrots is a laid back friendly fellowship with no real rules or requirements. We participate in tournaments and the Fellowship Adventures. Our goals are to grow and help others grow and build their cities. If you are looking for an easy going place to land and looking for friendly people...
  13. Recruiting

    Reunited is accepting new members. We are a fairly laid back f/s with no pressure or drama. We ask members to do the best they can with visits and tournaments and even the FA. If you need help, or want to grow your city, ask, we'll help. If this sounds good to you, come visit us and if it...
  14. Active Players Recruiting

    We are recruiting for active members who want to have fun, no stress, no drama. We trade, play in tournaments and share knowledge with fellow members. If you are looking for a place to grow and move along at your own pace, come check us out, we accept newbies looking to grow, and seasoned...