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Recent content by ChiefObie

  1. Discussion Chapter 16 Embassies

    Apparently ALL the technologies do not need to be completed before advancing to Chapter 17. After completing the Refined Main Hall, I completed the Advanced Trader in Chapter 17. I'll may regret this eventually, but I don't see any reason to go back and complete the Union Street and Improved...
  2. Ranking for FA?

    IMO, FAs are a lot of work with very little reward. If rankings is your thing, then perhaps that's reward enough.
  3. Discussion Chapter 16 Embassies

    I agree - the economics of this chapter sucks. The required real estate is also pretty heavy. I'm going to use my resources to upgrade AWs and then maybe pursue the chapter at a later time. There's plenty of activity in the game that I don't need to advance through more chapters to keep active.
  4. Chapter 15 - Completion

    This may have been previously asked, and after advancing this far I should probably know the answer. I am almost finished with all the research associated with Chapter XV Elvenar. I have enough instants to fulfill my goods requirements for the remaining technologies. Do I need to keep any of...
  5. Autumn Event "random" quest testing

    4 of the last 5 quest have been "Scout 1 Province or Research 1 Technology or Gain 15 Vision Vapor!" My scouts run 77 hours. I have no technologies to research (at end of Constructs). So, Vision Vapor again - I don't think so. I try not to complain, but this is ridiculous.
  6. Discussion Autumn Zodiac Event Feedback

    I was just going to post a similar message. I've just been hit with the 3rd consecutive "Scout 1 Province or Research 1 Technology or Gain 15 Vision Vapor." Well my scouts take 77 hours. I've finished Constructs and have nothing to research. There is not enough high value quality stuff...
  7. Discussion The Constructs!

    Is mana needed after Constructs? I'm assuming there must be some need since the mana producing Aqueduct is one of the last technologies. Is it safe to assume a few mana producing buildings and/or the Dragon Abbey will suffice?
  8. Discussion The Constructs!

    I'm about 80% through Chapter 14. IMO, the economics associated with Constructs sucks. They consume a lot of real estate and are stingy with Elvarium & Humanium production. Short of something really spectacular, I'm not planning on participating in future guest races.
  9. Discussion Summer Solstice Event Feedback

    Quests 27-29 "Collect your boosted goods..." I assume those are Tier 1 goods. Can anyone confirm please?
  10. Discussion The Constructs!

    Is it just my particular situation, or has obsidian become a premium resource since opening Constructs? Many of the technologies require obsidian and the trader is full of requests.
  11. Not remembering me

    Same with me. Been this way for several weeks. Same behavior with Firefox, Chrome and Windows Edge. Is there any status on a resolution?
  12. Help To Quest or Not to Quest

    Thank you.
  13. Help To Quest or Not to Quest

    Found this is another thread: Is it necessary to complete the chapter quests AND complete the tech tree to complete a chapter? In other words, is it possible to progress through the game doing only the research but ignoring the quests?
  14. Not remembering logged in???

    I too am still experiencing this problem. Guess we'll just have to wait it out.
  15. Not remembering logged in???

    Just started for me as well 2-3 days ago. Same behavior using Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge. EDIT: Tried on a different computer, using Microsoft Explorer - same results. Seems to be specific players rather than browsers or cookies?