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Recent content by Chriger

  1. Wonder Society question

    For the first part, we record self-contributions, just remember to check if you need to override the chest rewards. For the second part, we don't record contributions from outside the FS.
  2. Update v1.138 discussion

    Yeah, to spend >1 year and only be in Ch 4 is not typical. Also to average >2k points a week in tourney and not have any AWs yourself, are you just an alt feeding KP to someone else? That's a whole lot of KP that you don't have anything to spend on for over a year...
  3. Sustainable Spell Frag production ideas?

    I somewhat doubt the game developers want people to get enough CCs and spell fragments, to craft enough to get a reward chest each day, even if they are active players. Particularly if it's a way to get free diamonds... So either spell fragments or CCs will always be limiting, so people can't...
  4. NEW website Elvenstats!

    I think the stats are messed up for any buildings after Chapter 15? Like it'll show zero goods production, zero population from residences, zero space for guest race, etc., for newer buildings.
  5. Simia Sapiens and the Brown Bear

    The bonuses add on top of each other, instead of multiplying. So in your case, 158%. Also the Sapien bonus doesn't need pet food, which is nice.
  6. New Craftable Set Building(s)

    Other than trader set, there hasn't been a multi-part bonus set from an event in quite some time. It's too easy to have someone get partway through the event, and miss out on one of the buildings. Missing a link bonus on the buildings you do have, is a lot bigger impact than missing a single...
  7. New Craftable Set Building(s)

    Most of the support for it seemed along the lines of "easier is better" to get CCs, and/or giving more goods as a workaround for balancing the Spire set. Not that it adds any value to the game. The original post we're voting on, is a bit vague (i.e. is it an event prize, or immediately...
  8. AW society reallocation question

    If you look at the slideshow on the elvengems link, page 14-20 explains how it does the reallocation of bonuses. If you're going to be the person running the FA, looking at the whole slideshow would probably be helpful.
  9. Trading

    Not necessarily. If you don't have the materials to accept a 2 star, any lower star trades you can accept will jump up in the list, without any warning.
  10. Are Traveling Merchants Completely Useless?

    Yeah, I typically assume a factory takes 2-3 times the actual factory space, when you include roads/population/culture/supplies (Chapter 16 at least). When I actually crunched the numbers, a Traveling Merchant would've been worse for T1/T2, though slightly better than a T3 factory. Granted it...
  11. Population ???

    I think the GA at level 1 isn't that good until around chapter 5-6. Other than upgrading residences, another option would be getting pop/culture buildings from events. Though if you get event buildings, you'll need to upgrade or replace them every couple chapters.
  12. Martial monastery

    If you're a human, it'd be The Sanctuary instead of Martial Monastery. Just different graphics and name, though same bonuses
  13. Training ground and mercenary camp

    Well, I at least went from 4 to 2 T6 factories, and added more T1 factories instead.
  14. Training ground and mercenary camp

    Unless I'm looking at the wrong city, your residences/workshops are at least a couple chapters behind? That's probably your biggest problem. The gum trees and mana plants are excellent, though you only need one building in set to touch a road. Also in Ch 16 you could maybe drop your sentient...