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Recent content by crackie

  1. crackie

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    That's not true at all. Discord is just a chat app that is, at its core, a more modern chatroom. You don't need to chat about just the game or be doing the activity of your encompassing server genre. It's like people in cooking or knitting servers don't need to be actually cooking or knitting...
  2. crackie

    How to partially quote a post on the App

    If by app, you mean the forum, you can select the text and then it will pop up +Quote | Reply options. Select +Quote. Then click Insert Quote and it will go into the reply box.
  3. crackie

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    I'm not sure "savvy" would be the word I'd go with here. First, they announced they are shuttering the forums, which is whatever. It is within their right to do so for whatever reasons they might have. And I know this comes from up top so people are just executing orders. However, one would...
  4. crackie

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    I know they said the forum is shutting down and we all heard forum, but doesn't it feel like they said the game?
  5. crackie

    Future of the Scrolls of Knowledge and other resources

    Players: It's a shame all these 3rd party sites with great resources are shuttering. If only there's a way to move all that content to be saved on the forum so they aren't lost forever. Inno: Hold my beer....
  6. crackie


    They have no defense but they do chop harder than a Treant. There are some situations where they can be useful, especially if you know enemies will target your other units first and leave them alone.
  7. crackie

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    Well the good news is I fiddled around and it seems accepting of DMs or requests is a user-level setting, but that does also mean it's not a server level setting. Hence, there is no way for mods to know if someone is DMing you unless you report it yourself. So while it may be a rule, it's not...
  8. crackie

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    Here's another use of forum... A player from old FS just asked me a question. I can't send him links in-game because we're not in the same fellowship. I can send clickable links to him as a DM on the forum though. On discord, I'd have to add him as a friend to send DMs. I get random DMs from...
  9. crackie

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    Well, uhh…I don't mean I need help joining a fellowship when I said recruiting is the hardest thing in the game. I've been in enough FS to know they run best when you only play with fellow like-minded players with shared goals. That said, Spire is a priority for me. There currently is no in-game...
  10. crackie

    Open | Confirmed Buff/Debuff Rounds Incorrect

    Def not fixed because I've still seen it happen in the current game. Remember, it affects other units too so it isn’t just about Buddy. Helya told me they have confirmed it wasn't just a visual bug before she left. At least that meant they worked on it, but prob stuck for all the reasons @Yogi...
  11. crackie

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    It’s not too hard to install and set up a forum, but not sure there is that much value in starting a forum from scratch with no new official game info or communique though. At that point, you might as well just join official discord if you want to start from a clean slate too. We got a taste of...
  12. crackie

    New member

    @MaidenFair I hear the Indiana Jones theme song when I read your posts. :D @BrinDarby reads like Charlie Mackenzie (Mike Meyers) doing interpretive poetry in So I Married An Axe Murderer. I still hope to one day read “hard-hearted harbinger of haggis” in one of his posts. *throws down gauntlet*...
  13. crackie

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    You have to start over on discord. There is a lot of good info accumulated on the forum through the years and answers can be found by a simple search. That all goes *poof* when they pull the plug. If a question is already answered before, a lurker can just find it and help themselves to that...
  14. crackie

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    "Sorry guys, we're not doing the FA. Someone wants to organize it over voice call. You didn't need those last artifacts anyway, right?"
  15. crackie

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    We have different understanding of the word "best". That sounds like a nightmare. I don't even want phone calls from my friends and family. Imagine random players just calling you...*breathes into paper bag*