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Recent content by crackie

  1. crackie

    Google log in

    There is a forget password link above the login button.
  2. crackie

    Help Is it still worth it?

    I am 3 days old. I think it’s still the luck of the roll either way, whether you are new player or old player starting new city. I def got the old tech tree and the surprise pregnancy was only 3 days ago. I am relieved. I don’t want to sprint 5 chapters for Spire.
  3. crackie

    Google log in

    It shouldn’t matter. It’s device independent. He can use his username for the game to login onto any platform. The only thing I can think of is if you first load the app on a freshly installed device, like for iPhone, it starts in the elf/human selection screen. So he has to look for the login...
  4. crackie

    Help Is it still worth it?

    A little? No, no…turn that frown upside down and reframe your perspective! The Chapter 3 spire is your cheapest spire! I am sprinting there for that very reason. What’s the most points the most advanced chapter 20 city can contribute to the spire? 63. What’s the most points a baby chapter 3 city...
  5. crackie

    Help Is it still worth it?

    Don't say that! I'm not a new player, but I have a new 3-day old city because @The Fairy somehow convinced me I don't have enough distractions. I'm the diaper city anchoring the last spot on the roster. The next closest teammate is already in chapter 12. So far, it plays like being the surprise...
  6. crackie

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    The cost of bracelets is lower but mainly the size of factories are also smaller to do the same thing. For example, if you need 7 maxed out T1s to make one bracelet, it might take a gigantic amount of real estate to place 7 lvl 23 T1 factories. In that same space, a lower chapter player might be...
  7. crackie

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    As you chapter, the bracelet situation gets worse and more expensive. You either have small cities in your FS assigned to them or need way more boosted T1’s. I have a bunch of extra fully leveled T1 factories in storage that comes out for FAs and then back into storage when FA is over.
  8. crackie

    Absolutely Nothing Unusual or Suspicious Happening Here

    I’m sure a few of us would still love to read your version of The Great Heist if you ever feel compelled to write one for fun. @muffy. thinks the winner has to keep going with the story, but I’m not sure how that works unless the sequel turns into The Great Escape because all of our plans failed...
  9. crackie

    Twilight phoenix - the first poison pill in Elvenar...

    I have reached Timewarp club in this time. It’s not maxed yet but I can get several rounds of tourney in per pet food so less feeds to Fire Phoenix and can now toss some to Twilight. I don’t think he is worth it for one round per feed, but much better deal with multiple rounds. I generally toss...
  10. crackie

    Casual fellowship

    Welcome to the forum, @Selchie! Just a reminder that the game is whatever you want to make of it and progress is not necessarily defined by movement in the tech tree. Some players stay in the same chapter forever, whether it’s chap 5 or 15. Others only show up when there is an FA. Some try to...
  11. crackie

    New but avid

    Congrats, @Cadphael! Are we invited to the wedding? And welcome to the forums!
  12. crackie

    Contest Winners

    We’ll be speaking Ancient Phoenician before the new CM settles in.
  13. crackie

    Game world?

    Welcome fellow Ceravyner.
  14. crackie

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    I know. Mine doesn’t get fed outside FAs anymore. No point in winning more balloons and toilets faster. There was a brief moment of ignorant bliss when they allowed us to enjoy it though.
  15. crackie

    Absolutely Nothing Unusual or Suspicious Happening Here

    A few years ago, my old boss asked me to help her digitize old family videos of her kids and convert them to DVDs for her as a side project. You'd think she'd know by now not to trust someone like me with a giant cache of precious home videos because I can now easily weaponize them for fodder to...