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Recent content by CrazyWizard

  1. News City movement

    They could turn all the gold mines into "dead account" at least you'll have a facade to ignore reality. Whenever there is a map, there is always "edge of a map" and if you live at the edge. you live at the edge. Techinically you could design a growing and shrinking sphere. but hell that will be...
  2. Twilight phoenix - the first poison pill in Elvenar...

    If you combine magic workshops, BTG, Sunset tower, EE and PP spells you can create an ungodly amount of supplies (great for brown bear btw) You can throw this ungodly amount of supplies in the wholesaler and get 2.5- 3m goods per day BTG is at level 30 For example: my wholesaler costs are...
  3. Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards - discussion thread

    Yeah like there arent penty free diamonds. the pressure of an event and only being able to spend in an event is what makes things tick. This idea might have been fine 5 years ago when the game had 0 free diamonds. This removes the FOMO element, which drives sales. and replaces it with a few...
  4. Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards - discussion thread

    Yeah awesome idea, Why don't you go to a store and instead of weekly promotions you just get a dropdown menu and you can pick your own promotions. You tell the store what there promotions are Whats you are essentially asking for is a way to easily get anything you want without spending the...
  5. Starting a racing city!

    nope most players do not read the forums, so not do there research. play less active, and do not get into a very supportive fellowship. Your game experience is very dependeble on these factors. if you are lucky enough to get into an active fellowship with a good mentor your experience is so much...
  6. Starting a racing city!

    yeah it's not minor, on the other hand it is. They slashed the KP requirment for the first 5 chapters by a lot, more than 50%. So you'll get to those chapters faster than you can blink an eye. Unfortunately the communication is ver poor, becasue the emphasis is on "minor" and not on how extreme...
  7. Starting a racing city!

    You started to early lol, soon new cities are sooooooo much faster at start.
  8. News City movement

    Yes but if you focus in life only on the negative part life becomes so hard. If I look in my neigbourhood at the things that are bad, and focus all my attention on it, dam even my great RL neighbourhood wouold be very hard to live in. So mines: Easy to get the coins quickly, I still have...
  9. News City movement

    Ok instead of countring mines, how many neighbours do you have? Instead on focussing on that the glass is half empty, why not look at the half full glass?
  10. Starting a racing city!

    haha I totally understand, and it was a lot easier then with some funky quest that granted amazing amounts of goods to fuel your frenzy
  11. Starting a racing city!

    You can do the first 4-5 chapters in a week or so, as long as you have too much time on your hand. Just cycling quests like an insane person. (yea thats how I started the game 6 years ago lol)
  12. News City movement

    There is always an edge, whether that egde if filled with inactive accounts or mines doesnt matter, neither for a player as for the edge. I would say it's better to have a mine than to have an inactive neighbour as mines collect much quicker
  13. Other More pet food please

    Try to fix the recipe switch to a time so you can see all 4 pools. I have tested this several times and you get on average a lot more then 3-4 a week in your academy. but you need to see all (4) recipe pools a day and not mis one. with a 50 diamond reset you can set the time to a for you better...
  14. News City movement

    There is no guarantee you'll be moved soon. but when a 100% identical spot is aviable when they try to move you they will do so. It al depends on the question is there a better space when they try to move you or not. There is always an edge of the map and therefore there will be always people...
  15. Other More pet food please

    RNG is not random when you look over a longer period of time. The chance to see petfood is fairly high. this means that if you see all recipe pools the chance for petfood on the middle to long term is the same for every player. there will be weeks with more there will be weeks with less. but...