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Recent content by Dandini

  1. Dandini

    A way to block unwelcome people in the messenger system

    Aw, Thanks God, THANK YOU @Ashrem!! Yeah, I meant PMs. Then sorry for this thread that resulted to be useless (I should have supposed that someone already thought of this).
  2. Dandini

    A way to block unwelcome people in the messenger system

    I'm ticked off by a stupid player. Why there isn't a way to block unwelcome people from sending a lot of crap in one's messenger system? :mad:
  3. Dandini

    When Art Fails to Intersect Life - An Exercise in Nitpickery

    I especially love those different levels of ocean... :confused: Anyway I could feel the wind blowing from the sea while looking at the view from the edge of my city, so I voted "it's cool and exciting" lol.
  4. Dandini

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

    2 :rolleyes:
  5. Dandini

    Where is the Tree Enclosure I have been saving sun flares to get???

    It's really an amazing (a-maze-ing like Sir Squirrel said ;) ) city @Gath Of Baal ! It made me go back to when I started playing this game and was used to stay staring at some animated buildings for minutes.
  6. Dandini

    My signature

    Thanks @sputnik9009 ! It's mostly made in 3D computer graphics.
  7. Dandini

    Blue Prints

    Perfect. Thanks! :)
  8. Dandini

    Blue Prints

    If you need Blue Prints to craft Royal Restoration in the MA, there's another way to get RR: it's in tournament. I don't know exactly how many chests your FS must open, I think at least 5.
  9. Dandini

    Solstice Event - Sequential Quests Discussion

    Some of them weren't removed: As for the Accept/Place Trade quest I remember I did both. The same for the Enchantments, once I was told to use Power of Provision. Anyway the event was really boring due, in my opinion, to the prize buildings that were mostly culture ones.
  10. Dandini

    tip on self sustained city?

    Me too.
  11. Dandini

    Hello sputnik9009 ... has been spotted orbiting in the area!_!

    Welcome to the forum @sputnik9009!! *thumbs up*
  12. Dandini

    Hello Hi! It's Dandini here

    Yeah, thanks anyway, @sputnik9009 ;)
  13. Dandini

    tip on self sustained city?

    At the beginning in my first city that's still my main one I placed all the manifactories because I didn't know all the boosted thing. Now that I'm in the fairies chapter I still have some of them at level 15, eccept for the ones from tier 3. I admit that it's fascinating to see the animation of...
  14. Dandini

    Seeking an active fellowship

    I'm a member! THANK YOU very much!!