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Recent content by Deborah M

  1. Deborah M


    I promise it was verified that was not the case. It was a FS member who wanted to thank the AM. My FS members do that sometimes so it made sense to me.
  2. Deborah M


    Here is my question. It sounds like to get one of the top chests you would have to be bumping others down the list to smaller reward. I have had a situation recently where a player not in my FS and I were trading KP in an AW that very few people have since it is from the last chapter. At one...
  3. Deborah M

    Diamond Sales

    I have to chime in on this again. I have spent thousands on this game in over 6 years. If I got 100% offers in the very beginning that would have been the only time. I have said before that I didn’t see why I wasn’t getting the love players who don’t spend get. That is until very recently...
  4. Deborah M

    Diamond Sales

    If you regularly spend on diamonds you will rarely if ever see 100% offers. I went years without seeing any sales that good. The purpose of those offers is to entice players who do not spend anything or very little in the hope they get hooked on having diamonds to use.
  5. Deborah M

    Has anyone heard of the start date for The Fellowship Adventures

    If it was starting Tuesday we would already have the announcement & timer
  6. Deborah M

    Elvenar 7th birthday gift

    @helya said if you get it in the wrong city that support will move it for you if you submit a ticket.
  7. Deborah M

    Elvenar 7th birthday gift

    I have not gotten any good offers for years. I’ve said here that I wish they would share the love with players like me who have always spent $. I was in total shock when out of nowhere I got 100% offer for the first time ever. I was in for an even bigger shock when that was followed by a 200%...
  8. Deborah M

    Elvenar 7th birthday gift

    Thank you Elvenar! I have always just appreciated getting a gift every year! I think it is a very nice gesture to get something even if it is doubtful that it will be out in my city because of space. I had 3 children and took them to an amusement park every summer. At the end of the day I would...
  9. Deborah M

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    AJ you are using the wrong link.
  10. Deborah M

    What's in a name?

    And then there is a player in my FS whose name is *something Elvenar changed it to*. Wouldn’t you think they could have let them choose another name? Edited to remove actual name. Thanks for the reminder lyapo1
  11. Deborah M

    Discussion Update v1.152

    It is Friday the 13th so...... ;)
  12. Deborah M

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Agreed :rolleyes:
  13. Deborah M

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Except that I’m not trying to shove any dug up interpretations on anybody. I just don’t want this crap invading the game I’ve played for 6+ years when I don’t want to be inundated with this kind of stuff elsewhere. I am so sick of it that if somebody wants to keep pushing it I will push back.
  14. Deborah M

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    @Eudaemonia Yes it is "Unbelievable" that anybody would use this forum to try and push woke stuff on us that has absolutely nothing to do with the game. A whole lot of people are sick & tired of it, especially when you cant discuss ANYTHING without somebody hijacking the conversation to try and...
  15. Deborah M

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Thank you VERY much for the reminder that there is The Lounge for subjects that are not Elvenar :) That is my whole point! And, I don’t want to debate the 2nd amendment or anything political or religious on a game forum. I am so sick of the constant deluge of self righteous attacks from both...