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Recent content by dikke ikke

  1. elvenarchitect

    Yes you have to do it the hard way, just prepared my city for the coming FA, planned in elvenarchitect what to send to the archive and replace with marble facories, so i had to add 240 marble factories the hard way, took me like 3 hours.
  2. Veterans are leaving the game, why??

    I think some veterans are bored, others see that their way of playing is not working anymore and are tired of finding new ways to play. Some see it as a punishment, others see it as a challenge. INNO keeps throwing curve balls to 'fix' problems created and exploited in the past. All veterans...
  3. Discussion Elvarian Games discussion

    I don't scout all the time (632 provinces at the moment), i just make sure i have between 5 and 7 provinces scouted to use for event quests, my province battles are 'yellow' and i want them back to green or even blue if possible
  4. Discussion Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    yes, chapter 18 is a drag, i am also at the 280-cost researches but because i went for the military buildings 1st, i only have the 2 bottom ones left. In total i still have 4 open items in the tech tree
  5. Who Actually Does Guest Race Missions?

    i did all missions until now, i try to find a balance between the path i have in mind and the path the missions require, most of the time that works out just fine
  6. Discussion Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    The plan for my city should be enough to do all the requests of chapter 18, i don't know how much time it will take to finish the chapter with this layout, i don't have all the settlement buildings unlocked yet so i did not yet made a rough calculation. Normally if you have more settlement...
  7. Discussion Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    this is layout i am planning to use
  8. Optimal research for tournaments

    i used to have diamond farms on all us servers except for server 3 where my main city is so i never spend any money. I finished chapter 17 in just over 2 months, giving me more as 100 days to put expiring buildings in my city to collect diamonds and kp. I still end in the top 20 of the...
  9. Question

    if you enter it thru elvenstats you can load your current city, very usefull
  10. #1 Player on Harandar is leaving(for now, or forever)

    For me the game is about balance, and every time inno makes a big change players have to find a new balance and that is not always a fun thing to do. This change will not chase me away from the game like previous ones also did not
  11. #1 Player on Harandar is leaving(for now, or forever)

    i have to say that i am back to fighting much more battles manual as i was when my city was still small and WW did not exist yet, my score in tourney even went up. Top players where used to go 80 provinces for 6 rounds every week, giving them loads of kp to drop in their AW, if inno would not...
  12. Discussion Rise of the Phoenix Cult event discussion thread

    i will go for the golden palace, i want to stockpile seeds for chapter 18 and keep my t6 production going
  13. High level chapters are literally TOO MUCH

    i am at level 17, it took me 2 months to finish the quest line and i am now more as 2 months busy with maxing out my t3 buildings because of the massive mana demand
  14. Tournament Changes - Community Feedback and Data

    i am one of those lucky players that was not yet that far in upgrading my AW's, i never had 80+ provinces to complete, more like 60+ which i completed only a couple of times before the tournament change came. At the moment i get better scores in tournament as before. I can understand that for...
  15. Discussion Chapter 17 - Traders of Unur - Discussion

    just made the calculation, i will need 14k extra artifacts (1 day work) for the 80k of pearls (3 days work) that is 4 more days to collect KP :)