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Recent content by DipDude

  1. Hello Hi

    Nice to see some experienced people to help me out. I never had this kind of teaching in TW2, I had to learn through trial and error lol.
  2. Help Lost Troops

    Just got the ancient wonders!
  3. Help Lost Troops

    Ah, my brain! o_O. I dont have the ancient wonders yet so I cant view that as of current.
  4. Hello Hi

    I love this forum, so friendly. ;)
  5. Help Lost Troops

    Hey, I've been recruiting more troops in my barracks because I've lost a lot, but for some reason, I keep losing troops. I dont even use them anymore since I negotiate costs, but the numbers keep going lower and lower. Not sure what to do. Please help.
  6. Beginners Questions

    Wowzers, that's quite an essay ;)
  7. Hello Hi

    Welcome buddy! I'm new too, maybe we can be new together ;)
  8. Discussion 2021 Autumn Zodiac discussion

    This is my first event so I am enjoying it, but honestly. I think some of the quests are too challenging to complete. I like to do things my own way, but it often doesnt line up with the quests for keys. Just saying, but I do like it.
  9. Beginners Questions

    Thank you for all the responses.
  10. 9/11

    Hey, can we all appreciate the sacrifice of the firefighters, police officers, and all medical staff for their service on this attack? My uncle was a firefighter who died in the attack while trying to save lives. I also have a cousin who was in the Pentagon when it got hit, but was on the other...
  11. Hello Greeting!

    Aren't we all?
  12. Hello Player Introduction

    Hope ur not a newbie like me and need a bunch of teachers lol ;).
  13. Hello Everyone!

    For sure.
  14. Hello Everyone!

    I have yet to find out ;)
  15. Beginners Questions

    Also, what is the max level for main hall and other buildings?