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Recent content by Elivarian

  1. Optional Squad Size research today ?

    It's not a problem, i have gotten myself 6 Amuni Ships which i will place and upgrade when i enter Woodelves. Then i can Circle back to Triumph if needed :)
  2. Optional Squad Size research today ?

    I'm only nearing the end of Orcs, so i can't produce Rangers and therefor love my 5 Dojo's and have put an insane amount of RR's into upgrading them. Thet're not Orc level. I don't use that many, and need to be able to upgrade my Amuni Ships when i enter Woodelves, for Mana :) I have Triumph of...
  3. Optional Squad Size research today ?

    Hi How is it working for and against us today, SS research upgrades ? It costs on tournament as to every research makes our amount of troops entering a fight bigger, and thereby the losses bigger. It gives us bigger squads in map provinces which makes the fights easier. Of course when using...
  4. Beginning Chapters

    I 2nd the T2 production. I don't remember it being that much i needed of it when i started back in 2016 on EN servers. I mainly fight tournament and cater the few very un-even ones where i will lose many troops. I fight maybe half in spire and cater the rest of the first two levels. As i knew...
  5. Discussion Rune Shard changes

    If you look at what i write, and really read it, and then look at what you write - If you see that as the samme thing, Well, then i can't do anything about it.
  6. Discussion Rune Shard changes

    It's yours to give, why would i not let you. Nope, your running around in circles now witht this, so if we please can stay on track here. We were talking about adding 1 KP to get 5 or more - Adding way less than it will return. That's the problem and what most players don't like.
  7. Royal Restoration

    It's the only place they are. They are used for upgrading event buildings to next chapter when you enter it :) But most buildings are not worth it because new events come all the time and you can easily win a new chapter-right building.
  8. Discussion Rune Shard changes

    I have been playing this game since 2016, and none of the FS' i have been in has had the same view as yours. When i played on EN servers, there was a few that hunted in packs, and i can only say; They were not liked. Adding 1 KP to another players AW is not help. It is what it is. It's trying...
  9. Discussion Rune Shard changes

    Nope, it's quite a nice upgraded if it messes with that scheme, which many players call thievery ;)
  10. Gems of Knowledge

    I just left Fairies chapter and there was new quests not on Gems. So these are not accurate. And there's probably more. And then there's the changes in research INNO has done, at least to the first 3-4 chapters i don't know if these have been added to Gems. I also don't know if there's changed...
  11. Discussion Forbidden Ruins Discussion Thread

    So the buildings we can get from the league system from the old set, Sorcerers' Homecoming, will give connection-bonuses when added to this new set from this event ?
  12. Discussion Forbidden Ruins Discussion Thread

    Will pieces from the old set won in League connect to the new and give bonuses ?
  13. How easy it is....

    They could put a limit to cross trades of 10 per day, that would help a lot :)
  14. How easy it is....

    And a filter for cross trades too :) In Harrandar where i am, there's crazy many of them.