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Recent content by Elivarian

  1. How easy it is....

    They could put a limit to cross trades of 10 per day, that would help a lot :)
  2. How easy it is....

    And a filter for cross trades too :) In Harrandar where i am, there's crazy many of them.
  3. Discussion Fellowship Progression Feature

    No we get Perk points, which then can be used to uplevel the free AW KP one. But it's only 1 KP, then next level is 50K Perk points for upgrading, which gives 1 KP more.
  4. Algorithm Change? Just askin'...

    I have that in the fridge. Had good friends visit me yesterday and they brought one :p
  5. Curse of the Mist Walkers

    For me it's about not having to do manual fight. It takes a lot of time, and i'm not into the game because of the fighting. I'm here because it once was a city building game where you actually could play it without having to fight. But that's long gone now.
  6. Curse of the Mist Walkers

    I have written down what troops i mostly meet in the tournaments. I have forgotten it sometimes,, so i don't have them all, but are filling them in now. Even scrolls is a doable tournament with around 80% Heavy Range, 10% Heavy Melee and 10% mix of the rest. I haven't calculated, it's just a...
  7. Algorithm Change? Just askin'...

    Nope, not a win, read the message. Dust tournament. What about the others, and i'm a little curious about those costs because they are not the same to everyone, and then there's the difference of auto vs manual fighting.
  8. Algorithm Change? Just askin'...

    Nope, he's not taking into account what enemies we face, only how many.
  9. Curse of the Mist Walkers

    I've had many fights where i had a strong upper hand on 3 of the squads and one equal, and the 5th not a counter, where i was wiped 4 of my squads; Is that a fair fight ?? - Not at all. I know i auto fight, but come on ..
  10. Curse of the Mist Walkers

    But the troop upgrades in Fairies are not that good. Only thing is 3* Bud Sorceress at the end of research. Spire i can only fight to maybe 2nd door on first level. I then only fight where there's a perfect match, otherwise i lose most my troops. I therefor keep a production of goods to...
  11. Curse of the Mist Walkers

    Well, the problem is when you get to chapter 15 and get all 3* troops, the provinces gets very heavy troop-wise, and you really need all you can get in buffs to go beyond 30. I have played on EN for some years and stopped this summer when i reached chapter 16. Last tournament i put a ton of...
  12. Curse of the Mist Walkers

    To me it looks like most tournaments are mean and unfair. I don't mind that they demand something of us, but those combinations where you just going to lose almost all troops; Why ?? What about us small shit-players at low chapters, starting Fairies, what do we have to fight with; Ohh...
  13. Discussion 2021 Winter Magic discussion

    BE AWARE; It costs you 45 keys ;)
  14. Discussion 2021 Winter Magic discussion

    Quest 33 is changed. I had spend 12 KP.
  15. Something I should know, but can't remember....Magic Academy

    If you mean upgrading it, it costs diamonds. Otherwise production costs time instants,