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Recent content by Elmoonwen

  1. Elmoonwen

    We are looking for a small guild to merge to ours

    We have a small number of spots available for a group of established active tourney and visiting players who enjoy the game without massive demands on game play. We are drama free and use chat, we enjoy Fellowship Adventures and push tourney. We would like to merge to another group or a small...
  2. Elmoonwen

    Looking for a few good elves and humans

    We have two spots available, ideally seeking a player boosted in steel and or scrolls but more importantly a team player who enjoys reaching goals. We support each other during events, FA and spire. We push tourney every other week and have a fab game family. Message me in game if you are...
  3. Elmoonwen

    ValarMaya Looking for a happy bunch to merge to our group

    I had to look it up. I haven't seen GoT. lol If I did Use Morghulis it would be all women. lol
  4. Elmoonwen

    Hello I am soooo not new

    Not new but I guess my profile got lost so starting again. I AM BAAAACK, well, I never left. :p
  5. Elmoonwen

    ValarMaya Looking for a happy bunch to merge to our group

    :cool:ValarMaya is recruiting but we (I) am willing to bring in a like minded bunch that need some visits and helps from our gang and vica-versa. We are an easygoing group, most are Daily players. we love tourney and actively Push to 10, we can bump that up if we have the participants. We...