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Recent content by Elvelizbeth

  1. Elvelizbeth

    Great FS has 2 openings in Arendyll

    The Dragon's Elements is seeking 2 players in our FS. We are very active in FA, 10 chest tournament push and KP swap. We really need steel, scrolls and dust but will take anyone who is actively building their city. Message me if you are interested ☺
  2. Elvelizbeth

    Sentient Good Trades

    I am having a hard time finding or getting trades on sentient goods. Why can they be posted like our other trades...only to FS or in your world. I have to give up a lot to get a trade. And yes I have the common goods of moonstone, obi and soap. Just a thought.
  3. Elvelizbeth

    Dragons Elements Seeking 2 Experienced Fellows

    Hi, need two experienced players in Arendyll. Our fellowship is chatty and our goal to grow together. Most people are very helpful in trades or advice in the game. We don't allow drama only fun. These are our requirements: Minimum 3 days a week neighbor visits 2 or 3 star trades We only...
  4. Elvelizbeth

    Progressing is fun

    I agree...I am losing players in my FS faster than I can fill the positions. As a player you want to progress so sitting in research for almost 2 months waiting on mushrooms is not fun. The Summer Solstice was fun because we actually got to play and see results. This waiting all the time is...