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Recent content by Emily198097

  1. Spire Points

    If a player makes it to the top of the spire, how many points will they earn? Is it just one point per chest? I have never paid attention and have only made it to the top once.
  2. Party in the Lounge seeking daily players

    Currently we are in the top 75 of the spire and it isn't a push week. We got almost to the 12 chest last week in the tournament. We have 21 members that are active daily and here to trade, chat, swap kp and/or runes and we are gearing up for a really fun FA. Come join the party!
  3. Party in the Lounge seeking daily players

    Do you want to get that blueprint weekly? Do you enjoy an occasional spire push? Do you like getting all the chests in the FA? Do you enjoy friendly chatter, AW threads and NO DRAMA?! Are you a daily player? If you answered YES to the above questions we have a home for you here in Party in...
  4. Free Pizza and Ice Cream!

    Party in the Lounge is looking for 2 ACTIVE DAILY members to join our 10 chest, silver spire (inching in on gold) team! Message Emily198097 for details or search for Party in the Lounge REC to apply.
  5. Spire Timer Incorrect

    It might be fun to have a "spire event" or something where we DO have 30+ days to finish but that it is 2x as long or gives way better prizes.
  6. 33 day spire?!

    What the heck? This didn't come out in beta earlier than in live and it is in both worlds. sheesh!
  7. Discussion 2021 Winter Magic discussion

    I am still wondering what exactly triggers or encourages ground drops higher than 1. I was told it is your activity in the game so I started doing 6 neighbor help, 2 encounters, 1 spire, 1 upgrade etc every 6-12 hours and all I have gotten is 1 donkey at a time (Yes I realize this is about...
  8. IMPOSSIBLE Events

    I know people who are FLYING through chapters like there is no tomorrow. I don't see the rush. I am in dwarves and I plan on being here until events FORCE me to move on. I research, fight, scout etc per the events. If I stay in chapter 5 for 6 months to a year I don't care. I am NOT going to...
  9. USMC is celebrating Mardi Gras

    We are looking for 2 experienced players to join our crew! We are a well established 10 chest team and monthly gold spire team. We got 1st place in spire 2 weeks ago proving that you don't have to be ranked in the top 10 to get to #1! Our next spire push is the 2nd spire in March and we will be...
  10. Cockaigne 2.0 RECRUITING

    I love being on this team in Arendyll! Great team spirit! We are doing a spire push right now and are in 3rd place aiming for #1! We EASILY get 10 chests each week and for the past few months since I have been there we have been getting 11 or 12! Hit up RangerJustice if you are interested!
  11. Party in the Lounge is RECRUITING

    We are a fun, 10 chest team that is chatty and starting in March we will be doing monthly gold spire pushes. We are looking for DAILY active players with a score of at LEAST 60k. Participation in the weekly tournament and monthly spire push are required. We post 2 and 3 star trades unless we...
  12. 10 Chest Team Looking for 3 ACTIVE players

    We are a 10 chest team that is chatty and active. We all play spire (min 8 chests weekly with spire pushes coming soon) and tournament (5 stars per chapter required weekly) and we do AW swap threads, kp perk sharing etc. We are looking for 3 players, preferably chapter 6 or later but we will...
  13. Like Eucalyptus? Hanging round in trees?

    If you get an unBEARable number of applicants, send them my way. We are more puppies and beer people over in my FS but if eating bamboo and/or eucalyptus is their MO I will take them anyway. Your group sounds fun! We are having fun in the party lounge too!