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Recent content by Evening Star Selene

  1. Evening Star Selene

    User Interface event menu, notifications

    LOL, as a student nurse, I love that diagnosis! I also suffer from this :)
  2. Evening Star Selene

    User Interface event menu, notifications

    I think that is a reasonable suggestion! My preference would be in the notification menu, like where it tells me "PlayerWhatever has polished your sun codex..." That way I can ignore it if I want to, and it won't interfere with my game play.
  3. Evening Star Selene

    User Interface event menu, notifications

    Oooh! Ok, I got it now, lol! Thanks!
  4. Evening Star Selene

    User Interface event menu, notifications

    I get a notification that an item has fallen, I don't know why you don't? Maybe you just don't see it because the message only lasts for a few moments.
  5. Evening Star Selene

    Other New players and elite buildings

    Just to add my 2 cent's worth, I play the spire every week, and always get into the laboratory, and frequently to the top of the spire. I also am very active in our tournaments, we generally get 8 chests, and I am usually in third place on the scoreboard. I do not have a fire phoenix. I did have...
  6. Evening Star Selene

    Autumn Zodiac Event Discussion Thread

    Agreed! I'm a diehard night-owl, so I love any night/star-themed items! Love the theme and art for this event!
  7. Evening Star Selene

    Fairly New and Want a Friendly and Fun FS

    Sent you a message, Blue-Iris! :)
  8. Evening Star Selene

    Battle Expiring Millitray Buildings. Why only 3 types inno?

    I have gotten it recently, crafted it sometime last week. I craft them every time I see them.
  9. Evening Star Selene

    User Interface Neighborly Help

    If I recall correctly, this is a fantastic idea that got sent to the developers already! :)
  10. Evening Star Selene

    Ten ways to avoid drama in the forum.

    Great post AJ! No matter how skilled we are at communicating, a reminder of the rules for common courtesy and logical debate is always good!
  11. Evening Star Selene

    Other Expired buildings keep their animations

    I agree with @NightshadeCS... when I haven't been on my PC for a while, I don't know that several of buildings have expired (my mobile version doesn't do animations :(). I have too many expiring buildings to keep track of by simply clicking on them and seeing how long I have left. I agree, if...
  12. Evening Star Selene

    Voting Mobile 'Hide UI' tab

    I like the idea, maximizes the minimal space we often deal with on mobile.
  13. Evening Star Selene

    Hello Just what i needed!

    Good luck in the game @Porcinus! I agree with you, it is a fantastic game! There are many games that I've played for a while but then quit because I lost interest. Elvenar does a good job of balancing the challenge of the game with making progress. They also keep the game up to date and...
  14. Evening Star Selene

    Goodbye all

    Good luck @Venar El! You will be missed... come back if you ever change your mind!!
  15. Evening Star Selene

    reflections on the FA by a tired but happy archmage.

    That's awesome, @Henroo! Sounds like they got the best benefit out of the FA, an appreciation for teamwork!