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Recent content by Fairy Dust

  1. Fairy Dust

    News Live Q & A on Facebook

    We're going LIVE tomorrow to answer all your questions about the Elvarian Carnival! Click below to get a reminder once the live Q&A starts! http://Innogam.es/14ELu
  2. Fairy Dust

    Spire Banner needing diamonds blocks information

    Thank you, we will pass this along.
  3. Fairy Dust

    Rotation of the board.

    Unfortunately this is something that will not likely happen. Explanations have been given in the past by the design team about rotating buildings, which would also be involved in rotating the city. They talk about it at mark -7:47 here:
  4. Fairy Dust

    Help Arrrrrgggghhhhh!

    It certainly depends on the building. Please send a ticket to Support and they will let you know: Contact Support :)
  5. Fairy Dust

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.97 discussion

    Dear Humans and Elves, We have announced our release notes for version 1.97. After you review this announcement, we would like to hear your feedback
  6. Fairy Dust

    Game Update Release Notes version 1.97

    Release Notes Dear Humans and Elves, We will have a temporary downtime on Thursday, February 6 in order to roll out version 1.97 to our server. Please check back for any further updates regarding this release. Improvements The Dragon Float (first obtainable during 2019's Carnival event) has...
  7. Fairy Dust

    FOE (forge of Empires) vs Elenar

    We have many players on Elvenar that have come from Forge of Empires. Many of them play both. There are many reasons to play one versus the other, especially when it comes to PvP. Though we are all for boosting our sister games, this is the Elvenar Forum and as such we will use it mainly to...
  8. Fairy Dust

    Can't use Ensorcelled Endowment on Evolving buildings

    This is not a bug, so we will be archiving this report. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, the enchantment cannot be used on Evolving buildings.
  9. Fairy Dust

    Win Diamonds! - What could it be?

    :diamond: :diamond: Here are our winners!!:diamond: :diamond: @Mykan @Wea Rethey @LokeTokig @Momma Rockz @Rug Lady Red @Cotana @Taryn Krows @Nuage23 @Duca @Everlast Thank you so much for playing with us :D...
  10. Fairy Dust

    Discussion Elvarian Carnival discussion

    Dear Humans and Elves, Please take a moment to let us know what you think about our Elvarian Carnival! We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to hearing what you think! Kind Regards, Your Elvenar Team
  11. Fairy Dust

    Event Elvarian Carnival

    Dear Humans and Elves, Your citizens are preparing for another Carnival celebration. Halflings are making their famous wine, Fairies are hanging up their lanterns, and even Golems are helping with moving things around. Estrella and Robard lead you through this festive season and take a closer...
  12. Fairy Dust

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.96 discussion

    o_O that is being worked on, thankfully!
  13. Fairy Dust

    News Changes in Community Management

    Dear Humans and Elves, We are very sad to announce that @Ælfwine will be stepping down from her role as Community Manager for Elvenar's US worlds. In the meantime, we welcome @Muf-Muf as our interim Community Manager during this transition time, while we are looking for a permanent replacement...
  14. Fairy Dust

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.96 discussion

    Thank you for adding this to the list. We have asked about the status for this feature and will keep doing so. We do know that it is definitely something that is being considered very seriously.
  15. Fairy Dust

    Help Where do I see the FA points?

    This was already reported, thank you ;)