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Recent content by Fimbul Fambi

  1. Fimbul Fambi

    I'm looking for some opinions...

    I spent twenty sips of clarity - no pet food. I have a chapter 18 city and no pet food. I realize that the decision not to give us pet food production that we can control is deliberate. It doesn't mean that I have to like it. There are many things that I love about the game. A few I don't like...
  2. Fimbul Fambi

    Pet Food

    I've seen this topic come up before, but now it is hitting me personally, so I'm throwing in my two cents. I took a new position as a manager at work a little more than two months ago which has changed the way I play the game. First, I no longer have a fixed schedule, I work varying shifts...
  3. Fimbul Fambi

    Spell Fragment Building

    you mean that you can frag them after you teleport them to storage, I assume? Because I don't know how to frag them from the city map. And that still wouldn't be unbalanced, because you have a limited supply of teleports and it takes a lot of resources and time to upgrade buildings several...
  4. Fimbul Fambi

    Use Confirmation For "Sips of Clarity"

    just used 1 of my 2 sips of clarity by accident. I care more about the item I'm not going to be able to build that was in the list and is no longer, than the sip of clarity that I wasn't planning to use today. So I am very happy that this item is going to be presented to the developers!
  5. Fimbul Fambi

    Spell Fragment Building

    Aint that the truth. I tell people to start breeding orcs the minute they have the capability and to keep going 24 hours a day until the day that you stop playing - and even then you won't have enough. And almost no one believes me until the day that they need them for buildings and suddenly...
  6. Fimbul Fambi

    Spell Fragment Building

    If I am struggling with fragments, then I definitely understand that people with only one are struggling. I just think that you have a better chance of getting a full set in the magic academy than in the spire. And, though I don't want the game unbalanced, I just think that a spire V2 with more...
  7. Fimbul Fambi

    Spell Fragment Building

    I feel like posting here will be jumping into a can of worms, and I haven't read everything about this topic yet, so please take what I say with a grain of salt. I've been playing for 4 years. I have not figured out combat to the point that I have enough units to do world map, tournament and...
  8. Fimbul Fambi


    And I think that it is important, if we want to drive the "Bonus Help for helping those who have helped us" process, to make it possible for us to know who has helped us.
  9. Fimbul Fambi


    I support this or possibly a revamping of the notifications window. I have just started chapter 18 and the new process for trading ascended goods means that most of my notifications window is filled with dozens of small "transaction accepted" messages. These messages are causing my other...
  10. Fimbul Fambi

    Resolve Tech Tree / Chapter Quest Apparent Conflicts

    I can't presume to read the developer's minds, but I agree with the OP in that if the research is optional, then there shouldn't be a required quest to finish it. I vote yes to make quests for optional research optional with the understanding that Inno will tie any research that is not optional...
  11. Fimbul Fambi

    Suggestion for New Event Building: Pet Food

    I like any idea that allows for more pet food - with more buildings to feed, I am always running short. I saw the different suggestions for amounts of pet food per week. Keep in mind that evolving buildings are on mostly one day, with a few 2 day production cycles. Then a few of those have a...
  12. Fimbul Fambi

    Animated profile images

    Just got the Olla Owl profile image from Winter Magic 2021 and chose it for my profile image. As much as I like it, I like the mildly animated version in the quest window better. On the surface, it seems trivial to include gif images as profile avatars, but I don't program web pages, so I have...
  13. Fimbul Fambi

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures Discussion 2021

    I see a lot of posts regarding clicks, and overflow, and comparisons to team sports, and if you don't do this then it isn't really a competition - too many to quote. All rules to all games and all sports are arbitrary. At some point, one or more people sat down together and said: I have an idea...
  14. Fimbul Fambi

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures Discussion 2021

    Your position may be valid, but please don't use history as your validation. Whenever I see people say things like "In all the years" or "it has always been like this" I think about racial and gender inequality. Just because something has been done "like this" for "years" does not make it valid...