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Recent content by fitress

  1. Sentient Goods Decay

    I did confess to not working too hard at the game, but I found this very interesting, looked around and have made some changes. I found that I had 11 Festivals, so I built them. Figured out what a D088 was, and built one of those, also. I built the Simia and Timewarp after "speaking" with...
  2. Sentient Goods Decay

    I'll go with the build. Would Timewarp be a good compliment? And...........how important is Culture - does it affect anything but Supply and Coin production? I seem to have a lot of real estate tied up - If I read the drop-down correctly, I have 319K+, with 183K+ available. I have 698...
  3. Sentient Goods Decay

    Thanks so much! Wow, it's huge! I even have all the goodies I need to build it, just need to make space. EDIT: Did some more research - I do not fight at all. In your opinion, is it still worth the assets and real estate?
  4. Sentient Goods Decay

    Thank you. With all of my heart, I hope you have this info stored somewhere so you can just paste it in. You are so far above my pay grade, that I barely recognize some of the units you utilize. At the risk of offending a whole lot of my fellows players, to me, this game is like potato chips...
  5. Sentient Goods Decay

    Thank you - I'm in XV. What should I be looking for?
  6. Sentient Goods Decay

    Is there anything available to decrease the rate of decay for Sentient Goods? (Like the reduction for Seeds?). Thanks in advance.

    Thank you - it always helps to have a little "method to the madness" info.....

    I'm sorry to hear that - it just isn't right. I should probably start packing. Thanks to both of you for your time.

    I was looking for the info for someone who just got moved "involuntarily", but does that mean that even though I had previously opted not to move, that they could move me at any time?
  10. MOVING

    Where is the option to allow or prevent a city move? I cannot find it ..... Please/thnx
  11. Vision Vapor

    Thanks to all for your answers. I'm not exactly "stuck", but I'm on the 30 VV quest. Will try to craft what I can use, and hopefully not waste too many time boosters. It just seems that they got awfully heavy on the VV quests, both in number of quests, and VV per quest.............. To Zoof...
  12. Vision Vapor

    Is there any way to gain Vision Vapor other than through Crafting? Thanks
  13. Neighborly Help

    You may be right. I thought I was outside of that (what I call the twilight zone), but I went back to my map and the 1st one got a reward. I tried a couple more with nothing. I'm sure it's OK, so I'll just wait for the next cycle. Thanks for your time.
  14. Neighborly Help

    Hope this is the correct place for this question. Have they changed the way visits are "compensated" (probably wrong word)? We used to get the extra goodies on the 1st contact, and then the other 2 would come randomly. I have been noticing that is not always the case now. The other day, my...
  15. Royal Restoration

    Just so I understand. This is not something I can just select and use like an Instant. Does the option to use automatically show up with the transition to a new chapter? (not that I'm in any danger of that happening soon). Ooooops - Just saw another post that answers me. The real reason I...