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Recent content by fitress

  1. Help Relics

    You are my She-ro!! Thanx
  2. Help Relics

    Is there a way to see how many relics you have without opening the Main Hall? There are times when I don't want to collect the accumulated coin. Not really critical, but just curious..........Thank you

    What is the difference between SCOUT, SOLVE, and COMPLETE a Province in Event Quests? Please/thanx
  4. New Level

    Thank you so much! At least I can stop looking for something that no longer exists. I'll just poke around some more in the other sources and see what trouble I can get myself in to.
  5. New Level

  6. New Level

    Thanks for the info. Found some good stuff in MinMax. What I am looking for is the "Preview", under Guest Race Guides. I don't see anything past "Elvenar". There is a window, that just says Future Guest Race. I am especially interested in the Tech Tree suggestions on the build order and the...
  7. New Level

    I just finished Level 15 - It's been so long since I moved from one level to another, that I can't remember the procedure. (I did remember to open the chest and collect the diamonds). Do I just clear everything out? I also need to know the name of, and/or where to find the "Guide" to the new...
  8. Sentient Goods Decay

    I did confess to not working too hard at the game, but I found this very interesting, looked around and have made some changes. I found that I had 11 Festivals, so I built them. Figured out what a D088 was, and built one of those, also. I built the Simia and Timewarp after "speaking" with...
  9. Sentient Goods Decay

    I'll go with the build. Would Timewarp be a good compliment? And...........how important is Culture - does it affect anything but Supply and Coin production? I seem to have a lot of real estate tied up - If I read the drop-down correctly, I have 319K+, with 183K+ available. I have 698...
  10. Sentient Goods Decay

    Thanks so much! Wow, it's huge! I even have all the goodies I need to build it, just need to make space. EDIT: Did some more research - I do not fight at all. In your opinion, is it still worth the assets and real estate?
  11. Sentient Goods Decay

    Thank you. With all of my heart, I hope you have this info stored somewhere so you can just paste it in. You are so far above my pay grade, that I barely recognize some of the units you utilize. At the risk of offending a whole lot of my fellows players, to me, this game is like potato chips...
  12. Sentient Goods Decay

    Thank you - I'm in XV. What should I be looking for?
  13. Sentient Goods Decay

    Is there anything available to decrease the rate of decay for Sentient Goods? (Like the reduction for Seeds?). Thanks in advance.
  14. MOVING

    Thank you - it always helps to have a little "method to the madness" info.....
  15. MOVING

    I'm sorry to hear that - it just isn't right. I should probably start packing. Thanks to both of you for your time.