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Recent content by FloraSage

  1. FloraSage

    Open Druindar Farics Sigs and Avitars

    Most excellent!
  2. FloraSage

    Open Druindar Farics Sigs and Avitars

    Hello your work is awesome! I would like a portrait to represent me in elvenar. I Chose the name Florasage because I love all types of plants and sage is a plants but the word also means an elder ( as am i). I would like a mostly serious female warrior figure. I also served as a Marine ...
  3. FloraSage

    Looking for new fellowship

    Still looking???? Check out Crafters Guild; a low-key, fun fellowship that strongly supports its players.
  4. FloraSage

    Seeking low key FS

    Still looking???? Check out the Crafters Guild, a low key fellowship that enjoys growing cities and gaming together Florasage
  5. FloraSage

    Seeking adventure

    good answer Florasage
  6. FloraSage

    New Player Seeking Friendly Fellowship

    We are welcoming new members at Crafters Guild. Quite group interested in playing, city building, fellowship building and being neighborly. Come aboard Looking forward to meeting you, door is open Florasage
  7. FloraSage

    Serenity Recruiting

    Please consider this my application I am boosted in planks, scrolls and dust Check me out on Stats Looking for an encouraging not judgmental place to learn, grow my city and meet like minded people
  8. FloraSage

    This is Archmage Skippyluke with Just for Fun on US server in Elcysandir looking for new players

    hey! like the open communication check me out on ElvenStats i would like to join
  9. FloraSage

    Forwarded Let us see our own AW's

    +1 very useful idea
  10. FloraSage

    New Game Features Select all factories

    This new feature would be such a great addition to the game.......one everone would benefit from
  11. FloraSage

    Arendyll: Seek And Ye Shall Find (a template)

    How is a post deleted? for example FS seeking is placed in Members seeking column/page.
  12. FloraSage


    We are looking for some new players (of any experience) to join. We are a fun loving, easy going group.;) Please send in game message to FloraSage or Cgilbert77