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Recent content by Frost Knight

  1. Spire Battle I Can't Win - Any Suggestions?

    By some miracle I beat that 2 Wave attack today and made it to the top! But the 3 Wave attack wiped me out! The first time I beat Wave 1 and was crushed by Wave 2. The second time, I beat the first 2 Waves. I've got several days, maybe I'll figure it out.
  2. Spire Battle I Can't Win - Any Suggestions?

    I came close today! I went with the Archers as you suggested [under different scenarios] and I had no losses Wave 1, unlike all previous times. But Wave 2 had Troops that could withstand Archers.
  3. Hazeltown - Will I Ever Need It?

    I'm thinking about using a Teleport to move my Hazeltown back into Summoned Buildings (to make room for a Gem Manufactory). I'm curious, when will I actually need it? I had kind of thought the witch might need, you know, the whole magic thing that's going on
  4. Spire Battle I Can't Win - Any Suggestions?

    The next couple of Chapters... :P That doesn't get my Magical Workshop! ;-) Yeah, the whole 2 Wave thing really throws me for a loop. I'd gotten past that particular chest before. I was right near the top, I had to wait 7 hours for the shield to drop, but I wasn't able to get back on and it was...
  5. Spire Battle I Can't Win - Any Suggestions?

    I appreciate you telling it like it is, because Elvenar claims you can beat more powerful opponents in Encounters if you know how to do it, and a lot of gamers here have said it can be done too. You see, I've just been insanely desperate to get some Magical Workshops and an Elven Armory [am I...
  6. Spire Battle I Can't Win - Any Suggestions?

    I'm in the Spire of Eternity, and I'm confronted with a battle I can't win. It's a 2-Wave battle, that's what gets me. I've tried several different attacks but I don't have enough left for the 2nd Wave to defeat them. I'll include some screenshots, does anyone have some technique I can try?
  7. I'm in The Misty Forest - Now What???

    I bought a Lantern, I tapped it on the screen, nothing is happening. I don't see anything else to tap...
  8. Moonstone library

    Ugh. Look what just popped up in my Magic Academy???
  9. Spire Of Eternity - Any 'Convince' Suggestions?

    I can get so far up the Spire Of Eternity with my fighters, but really the only way to get to the top is to Convince the spirits to let me go by. But the one time I nearly made it to the top I had to spend so much Diamonds, which was a waste since I had to wait 7 hours for that shield to drop...
  10. Grounds of the Orc Strategist, and military advice

    Clearly you're playing a very different Spire, my friend! Here's a screenshot of what might be in the final chest in MY Spire:
  11. Moonstone Library

    I don't see it. But that's all right. Everyone has been so helpful!
  12. Moonstone Library

    Ah-ha! Thanks!
  13. Moonstone Library

  14. Moonstone Library

    Awesome! I have 4 pieces now by the way! Have to watch out for the library itself!
  15. Moonstone Library

    What blue 'i'??? Where??? I don't see it.