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Recent content by Ganavella

  1. Relatively New Player in Sinya

    I’m looking for an active, well organized, good balanced, beginner friendly FS in Sinya [that scores 4+ chests in tourney (don't know what this means, but it sounds important)]. I’m boosted in Marble, Silk, & Gems. Still in chapter 1 with 34143 ranking points, but I’m on currently [ - in rehab -...
  2. New player - Looking for fellowship

    No longer playing that world
  3. Sigarr seeks fellows

    I'm trying a new character I'm looking for a goods balanced fellowship. Yes, a fellowship where the 9 goods are represented by 8 players each. This is done best by the Archmage, soon after creation uses applications only to allow these as needed: Steel Crystal Elixir Steel Scroll...
  4. Moved to Winy where I started.

    Looking for a helpful fellowship. 1st to trade up building to 500 each Tier 1 2nd to trade even until I'm about to need tier 2 and trade up 'til I have a couple hundred each tier 2. Then back to even trading again. 3rd same as above tier 3 and back to ever even.. I plan to boost other players...
  5. New player - Looking for fellowship

    Back to looking
  6. Rapid Growth Team - Recruiting NEW

    Want to grow quickly? Want to help your fellows? Want full access to trade goods? Want construction advice (ex. don't double roads)? This may be the fellowship for you! Do not take advantage of our fellows: If you are expecting to regularly make less than 2 STAR trades, this may not be the...