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Recent content by Gath Of Baal

  1. Gath Of Baal

    Dwarven Statue

    FAQ --- Here :P maybe I need to word it differently so it shows up after a search is done?
  2. Gath Of Baal

    How to find a specific player

    You also need to make sure you are both playing in the same game world, If not you will never find them
  3. Gath Of Baal

    Question about Woodelves buildings

    I think it has more to do with the need for Mana that is introduced in the Wood Elves chapter. You will end up selling pure culture buildings in order to replace them with Weeping Willows or others which provide Culture and Mana. So i think that is why the culture bonus goes up because you...
  4. Gath Of Baal

    Ancient Wonders that provide cliff art

    Yes they do go away. I had a lvl 13 Crystal Lighthouse and sold it when INNO nerfed it and the Background art went away
  5. Gath Of Baal

    Autumn Zodiac Event Discussion Thread

    "By unlocking Spheres, you will also acquire Stardust, which lights up the stars in the night sky and brings clarity to the constellations that guide you towards the Grand Prizes." Since the forming of my city 5 years ago, My citizens have never seen the night sky :p They will be confused :D...
  6. Gath Of Baal

    Forum What world was that?

    \ Ah .. So he wants an easier way of seeing what world without having to enter the thread itself.. Gotcha.. Because when you enter the thread it tells you up top which world they are in.. Shouldn't be to hard to add the complete chain under the title instead of in the thread itself Edit...
  7. Gath Of Baal

    Forum What world was that?

    If you look right above the name of the thread right above the original post, there is a chain of forum categories and sub categories. This thread for example: Forums > Feedback > Ideas and Suggestions When someone posts looking for members or looking for fellowship as long as they posted in...
  8. Gath Of Baal

    Fire Phoenix Accidently Deleted

    Hmmm I wonder......... My brown Bear is only lvl 5... Now I'm wondering if I do "accidently" delete it, If I could write support and ask for my lvl10 Brown Bear back :p Asking for a friend that is
  9. Gath Of Baal

    Discussion Spire of Eternity feedback

    That's what i meant by prize was the gold silver and bronze trophies/medals.. I thought the picture of the trophy/medal was the prize for earning that particular spot.. Now i understand the picture of the trophy/medal is just an indicator of how well your fellowship is doing in the Spire and...
  10. Gath Of Baal

    Discussion Spire of Eternity feedback

    Yep, i got confused with the Spire rankings and the prizes for being first or in the top spots, they have the pictures of the medal your fellowship is currently at. and i thought thats how its determined.. previously when i checked shows first as gold and spots like 2-8 as silver medals then...
  11. Gath Of Baal

    Discussion Spire of Eternity feedback

    Since the requirement is based on how well other fellowships are doing during that particular spire week, there is no set amount, you just have to be better that week then every other fellowship in that world trying to do the same thing. I would guess though it will have to be max...
  12. Gath Of Baal

    Help How to join?

    Hello and Welcome to Elvenar.. First you need to check and see if you are both playing on the same world. If you are both playing on different game worlds then you will not be able to invite them to your fellowship. If you both are playing on the same game world then just search their name...
  13. Gath Of Baal

    Help Lost most of event currency due to network issue

    I would contact in game support and ask what they can do. I honestly think they will not be able to do anything about it, but you never know and its worth a shot.
  14. Gath Of Baal

    Multiple Sentient Manufactories?

    I live right next to you and i see 187 pages worth of sentient goods in the trader.. Edit: 141 now just minutes later, that's some healthy trading going on :p Maybe you just check at the wrong time?
  15. Gath Of Baal

    Trader Sentient Goods are unbalanced

    Khelonaar? Sounds like it. Yes but what you are not taking into account is that the boosts that get you those top 3 sentient goods boosts are Marble, Crystal and Gems. Before I reached the point that I could start producing my sentient goods of Platinum, Arcane Ink and Silly Soap, the only...