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Recent content by GracieBlue

  1. GracieBlue

    Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!

    Thanks for the diamonds!
  2. GracieBlue

    Recruiting Frustrations

    Not having that problem myself. It's always a struggle finding new players. I thought when we got into the top 200 we would be attracting all kinds of players who have played just long enough to know what they want in a FS (and thus we would be more attractive to them) but I get the sense that...
  3. GracieBlue

    Hello I'm SilverMoonNector

    Hi Silver, I wonder if you would like to join our FS in Arendyll? Looks like you are starting over maybe in that world . . . . ? GracieBlue
  4. GracieBlue

    Helpful Players with Marble Crystal and Dust boosts we're looking for you!

    We're DragonRiders On The Storm, a well established active fellowship currently ranked 185 and moving up like a bullet but short one player and taking applications for several spots that we expect to open up very soon. Our philosophy is to help each other out through fair or better trades and...
  5. GracieBlue

    Couple of Spots Open!

    We have a couple of spots open for some new fellows. Great fellowship. We usually win at least the 4th chest in the tournaments and have done well in the fellowship adventures too. Please write and let me know you're interested so I can invite you. DragonRiders on the Storm.
  6. GracieBlue

    Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!!

    The flexibility to play the game the way I want to, and the social aspect of the game.
  7. GracieBlue

    Dragon Riders on the Storm Recruiting

    We are a very active and friendly Fellowship currently recruiting for two or three spots. The ideal player has all boosts open and is boosted in planks, crystals, silk, and/or dust. We play the tournaments as a group and help each other with trades. Cross tier trades are discouraged under...
  8. GracieBlue

    Fellowship Seeking a Merger

    Hi Thalia - we would love to talk to you. It looks like your style of play is very much like ours. The boosts in your FS look like a good fit for ours and we would be very interested in having you join us. Although you are not female only we have voted that it would be ok to have some male...
  9. GracieBlue

    Riders on the Storm - Openings for New Members

    This is a really fun female only fellowship with some really great players. Openings for a few new active players who will visit the others regularly. There is no minimum score but at least 2000 is helpful. We do try to keep the boosted goods balanced and encourage the type of trades that are...
  10. GracieBlue

    Amphipolis - Recruiting

    Looking for a few new active players. Female only fellowship. Currently recruiting players with Planks, Silk, and Dust boosts. Would consider boosts in Scrolls or Gems also. Preferably at least 2000 points. At the moment please send inquiries to GracieBlue. There are no rules except for...
  11. GracieBlue

    Riders on the Storm seeking a few members for the New Year

    We are an all female fellowship looking for a few active and friendly players due to New Years Resolutions. We will consider any players with scores of at least 7000 but looking for those with boosts in Planks, Crystal*, and Elixer* especially. If you are interested, please read the minimal...
  12. GracieBlue

    New Fellowship - Riders on the Storm

    We have grown quickly and had a 70% visitation rate yesterday. We still have a few spots open but are looking for some female players who have all three boosts open and will give a preference to planks or crystals. If you are looking for a new fellowship please write me.
  13. GracieBlue

    Riders on the Storm - Recruiting new members

    We are a brand new fellowship but have already grown fast and have some fun and helpful members. We will help you with trades and mentor you to grow without wasting resources. There is no size limit - you can join even if you have not been playing very long. We are especially looking for new...
  14. GracieBlue

    New Fellowship - Riders on the Storm

    Looking for active friendly female players. Apply or message GracieBlue.