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Recent content by helya

  1. helya

    User Interface Include production time in info

    If it's just the sharkapalooza, then no, you're set, if it's other buildings please just list those in the report
  2. helya

    Open Building information missing

    thanks for posting here @defiantoneks I'm going to need the specific building names because if I report "certain buildings" the bug report will be closed before it's even looked at.
  3. helya

    News New Spire of Eternity rewards!

    New Rewards for the Spire of Eternity Dear Humans and Elves, On July 3rd, the reward dataset for the Spire of Eternity will be adjusted for the next 6 weeks. Changes: Watchful Winter Owl will be phased out as a possible reward for the Spire of Eternity Everblossom Sleigh Artifacts and the...
  4. helya

    User Interface Include production time in info

    Sorry, for some reason your @helya got lost in my notifications. Yes, bug report please
  5. helya

    Forwarded Differentiate Ancient Knowledge Point (KP) Icons

    Another community has suggested this and it is currently in discussion for implementation by the devs
  6. helya

    LIVE Contest Elvenar Recipe Contest!

    You can submit a ticket directly in the game via the cogwheel on the lower left and then the ? for Support. You can just say you are a forum contest winner and that's plenty of info. Congrats!
  7. helya

    LIVE Contest Elvenar Recipe Contest!

    The Winners List: 1st Prize: @MaidenFair 2nd Prize: @cdiamond 3rd Prize: @Darielle Runner-up Prizes: @Gkyr @crackie @ajqtrz @Mountain Mama @CountryDew The top 3 players will have a chance to be featured on our Social platforms: you will receive a message if we have a spot for you...
  8. helya


    You can donate to non fellows, they just can't receive more KP than they have donated.
  9. helya

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

    I think 0 is better
  10. helya

    Fixed Spire Time is messed up

    I've reported it, it won't be fixed until Monday at the earliest
  11. helya

    City The wonderful "produce all" box

    Because I cannot forward the idea as you currently have it listed. Please amend and let me know when you are ready.
  12. helya

    I’m curious

    I spit out my tea when I read that
  13. helya

    I’m curious

    You're probably right, they're so close!
  14. helya

    I’m curious

    I'm not sure how I feel about you trying to get our new mod drunk on day 1 XD. @Astram how DO you feel about Jagerbombs?