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Recent content by Heming

  1. Heming

    Use unit refills

    What does it mean to use unit refills
  2. Heming

    Chapter 17 constructs

    What is a goldsmith residence. I need to connect it to settlements to earn items to move on
  3. Heming

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I just won a city expansion #24 and if wasn't given to me. Why???
  4. Heming

    Help Forum "How to" Guide

    I am looking to find divine seeds and what drops that gets them. I guess that if it was a Fellowship Adventure drop only then that is all I can receive.
  5. Heming

    Help Forum "How to" Guide

    How can I get more Black Lotus or something similar?
  6. Heming

    Culture and goods

    I was finally able to get Moon Stones but I don't see Platinum or Elven Tree Gum Must I level up my steel and wood to get that effect?
  7. Heming

    Culture and goods

    I did jot them down. Moonstones Platinum Elventree gum
  8. Heming

    Culture and goods

    I am still lost on the elemental section. There are 3 different items that I have not been able to get. To advance in game you need to unluck areas but they need those 3 items. I do not see anywhere how to get it. I know I am being foggy about it but I am old and can't remember what they are...
  9. Heming

    Need Help Please

    What I am missing is the moonstones, platinum and eleven tree gum. I am getting the other item already
  10. Heming

    Need Help Please

    In the elemental section and I need to unlock something to get the other drops that add to all the other drops I am getting already. Just not sure which one that is and this game is costing me real money to a point of wanting to quit
  11. Heming

    dropping reg factories for sentient factories

    I am in chapter 12 so what am I missing to get those items
  12. Heming

    dropping reg factories for sentient factories

    How do I get sentient items? I must not have all my things complete but with what I do have it says nothing about them
  13. Heming

    Neighborly help changed?

    How do I get the Elvenar Essence?
  14. Heming

    Summer Mermaids Event feedback

    What are vison vapors?
  15. Heming

    Summer Mermaids Event feedback

    I have 4 games going and each ask me for pet food of which I have none in my inventory So now what do I do or how do I get some