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Recent content by Hugo the ugly

  1. Closed | Archived Missing entitlement

    During the playing of the tournament I did not receive credit for the magical manufacturing endowment. Why?
  2. Tournament rewards.

    We finish our 10 chest a day before the end. At that point it should have been record that the fellowship finished the tournament. I don't know how elvenar keeps score. It looks like they wait till after the tournament is over then check the scores for the fellowship.
  3. Tournament rewards.

    In my case at the end of our tournament a player was unhappy because not every player put in there share. So they left this, this cost the rest of us who made up the difference to lost out on the blue print.
  4. Tournament rewards.

    Tournament scores for the fellowship not the individual player. Recently we did a tournament and collected all ten chest. Then before the prizes where rewarded two players left. We weren't award the Blue prints. Now several players are asking why play if someone can leave and the rest don't get...
  5. Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!!

    The main thing is like is no battles. I am not good with battles or strategies.
  6. Game become slow

    I still have music that was recorded by me on an 8 track National tape recorder from the fifties and sixties. You were right I was going to the beta site thanks.
  7. Game become slow

    I am having the same problem. Tech support said to try IE. Problem is when I log in to IE it wants me to start in a bata1 world. I login under the same as I do in Firefox.
  8. Can't collect goods

    Thank you Ashrem.
  9. Can't collect goods

    Hello I'm Hugo the ugly and I am unable to collect goods in the country in Khelonaar, the is city of Humania. I can highlight the building but I can not collect the goods. The other cities I have no problem with. When I highlight the building and click on it all I see is the progress bar showing...