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Recent content by Ihrlaen

  1. Ihrlaen


    You can use a single browser simply with different tabs as long as it is a single account (and region, I think). When playing in a browser (Chrome), I routinely switch between tabs for my cities in different us# worlds.
  2. Ihrlaen

    Pilgrim's Manor sale

    With the (very) likely introduction of the Tome of Forbidden Wisdom coming to Live in the next FA, this is going to come up again, only for the Forbidden Ruins set. It will take a [Full Set] + Forbidden Ruins + 2 others* to be able to collect a second Combining Catalyst. *as long as 2 are...
  3. Ihrlaen

    Spreadsheets of Manufactory Efficiency by Chapter, Revised and Complete

    Quick question: Are Divine Seeds costs scaling linearly as well?
  4. Ihrlaen

    Seeking new FS

    I echo that sentiment from Khelonar. Good luck @BBsAmazon and be well!
  5. Ihrlaen

    Pilgrim's Manor sale

    Unfortunately, no. Manor's do not create a set connection with each other (I broke my own sets apart to confirm). In the image, neither Manor is generating a Combining Catalyst. They require connections to five unique buildings.
  6. Ihrlaen


    In a word, yes. As someone who previously had that selected as well, but can now see the encroaching desert (to the tune of sixty-plus explored mines), I cannot be moved soon enough. Ihrlaen, Lady of the Southern Khelonar Hills and Barren Reaches.
  7. Ihrlaen

    Pilgrim's Manor sale

    Like I said, if my understanding of what you have (full set, less the Forge) and want (2 Manors, fully connected) is correct, then yes, a Forge. You should end up with: Full Set + Manor + T1 producer (Forge, Woodworks, or Mason) and can complete the links for both Manors.
  8. Ihrlaen

    Pilgrim's Manor sale

    @tiG23 Just to clarify, my understanding is you have all the buildings EXCEPT the Forge and want to buy the sorceries for a double Manor set. You will need to buy all 3 available sorceries. One will be the second Manor. The other two CAN be any of the goods producers (Forge, Woodworks, Mason)...
  9. Ihrlaen

    Pilgrim's Manor sale

    This is my actual city with double Manors and Masons, triple Plazas. A Carting Library and a 1x1 anything fill up the extra space.
  10. Ihrlaen

    Pilgrim's Manor sale

    Oh, it is still going to be ugly, don't you fret about that. (small clarification above) Basically, use the Plaza as a center piece, with the short-side of the Manors opposite each other. The final core pieces are the Entrances, each opposite one another, touching both Manors and the Plaza...
  11. Ihrlaen

    Pilgrim's Manor sale

    Manor and one more*, assuming space/organization is no object. *one of the goods production buildings or entrances
  12. Ihrlaen

    Update on baby catering city

    Maeryn, sent you a PM.
  13. Ihrlaen

    World map Centers

    If only you could move to one of the 20 mines in the southern third of my explored map - lots of room! It is pretty clear I am on the very edge of the consolidation zone with plenty of turnover happening every week. Quick shoutout to any of the "locals" who might visit the forums remaining...
  14. Ihrlaen

    Optional Squad Size research today ?

    You are completely correct Enevhar. My apologies. My post above is updated to avoid any confusion.