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Recent content by InvincibleRailroad

  1. InvincibleRailroad

    LIVE Contest September contest - 1 week only!

    11, 14, 52, 5, 17
  2. InvincibleRailroad

    Playing a Parked City

    Thanks for the input crackie!
  3. InvincibleRailroad

    Playing a Parked City

    I have recently parked my city in chapter 18, partly due to RL and partly because I really don't care to tear my city apart. I reach the top of spire weekly and have done so for quite some time. I am using this time to level up my needles, victory springs and flying academy. I only auto fight...
  4. InvincibleRailroad

    Elven architect question

    Thanks for the comments
  5. InvincibleRailroad

    Elven architect question

    It shows about 1/4 of my city and I can not move it or buildings around.
  6. InvincibleRailroad

    Elven architect question

    I have a chapter 18 city I want to completely rearrange.
  7. InvincibleRailroad

    Elven architect question

    Is there a way to use the architect on a tablet?
  8. InvincibleRailroad

    One Word Reply Game

  9. InvincibleRailroad

    One Word Reply Game

  10. InvincibleRailroad

    Hello Hello

    Hello and welcome!
  11. InvincibleRailroad

    I don't exist, apparently

    I had the same problem this morning, it cleared up in about 25 minutes
  12. InvincibleRailroad

    Hello Hi

    Welcome, there is a lot of knowledge here in the forum
  13. InvincibleRailroad

    Hello Hi all!

  14. InvincibleRailroad

    Opinions requested How many Orc and Mana -- Read for more

    @ Soggy Shorts. Do you think it is possible to box up your sentient manus and just rely on armories and the pyramid? I am only asking as I have 10 armories and the pyramid (level 6). I mostly negotiate the spire and auto fight the tourny.
  15. InvincibleRailroad

    Hybrid building

    I keep seeing "hybrid building" in forum posts. What exactly is a hybrid building?