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Recent content by Ivy1996

  1. Enchanted L - deleted thread

    No longer looking for members
  2. Gold spire fellowship is looking for FA-minded friendly player

    Enchanted Light is a very friendly, gold spire fellowship. We unexpectedly lost two members last week and that puts us in a tight spot for the Fellowship Adventure and the Spire. Are you capable of: * topping the spire every week * reasonable tournament player * friendly and helpfull and are...
  3. ELCY - FA City available now to help you

    Hi @SilkRoad Elf , are you looking for this FA? We have a position available and we'd love to have you! We are a friendly bunch. We do need you to complete the spire and make a good dent in the tournament. We can help with goods if necessary. (3 hours before the spire starts for this tournament...
  4. Discussion Chapter 20, The Power of Music - Discussion

    The team had to have lunch first, I guess :). Anyhow, its here! HAve fun everyone!
  5. Discussion Chapter 20, The Power of Music - Discussion

    It's Thursday, I am up, now where is that chapter .. im really looking forward to it
  6. Discussion Chapter 20, The Power of Music - Discussion

    Looking forward to it!
  7. You do gold spire but your FS cannot?

    One of our friends needed a break from the game, so we are looking for another member! Are you looking for a friendly, helpful fellowship with good rewards in tournament and spire? Check Enchanted Light in E-world out!
  8. Chapter 20

    I've asked on Facebook if there were plans for a new chapter. I got a reply, but no answer. I hope there will be one. Events are nice, but I like solving a chapter better.
  9. Fellowship Adventure

    We are struggling with coins. To get one coin badge I (chapter 19) have to do 120 visits or collect a one day production of 27 magic residences. In previous adventures I could a 5% coin rain (and 4 visits) and now I need a 25% coin rain. Although I like a challenge, this is a tricky one. Only...
  10. You do gold spire but your FS cannot?

    We are again looking for someone to join our team. All of the above still applies and preferably you have 500K+ points. We have one spot available. If you want to get to know us, feel free join us for a while and decide if we are the place for you!
  11. You do gold spire but your FS cannot?

    We are again looking for someone to have a nice time with us. Are you a match? Send me a message in-game! We will play the next FA, not to win, but for the goodies of all three stages
  12. You do gold spire but your FS cannot?

    Join a friendly helpful bunch at Enchanted Light! Gold spire always and usually about 13 tournament chests. We ask gold spire weekly, average around at least 1600 tournament points, friendly and helpful. Check us out and contact me or send an application.
  13. Looking for fellowship adventurer!

    A new fellowship adventure is coming up. Inno has some major improvements to the game play of the adventure (no more lost badges!). Are you joining us for the adventure? Fellowship has won the FA multiple times in the past and we hope to do so once again We require you to clear out your city...
  14. Do ya like it hard?

    Yes, I changed to option 3. I've started a second city recently and as mentioned before, getting enough enchantments or do a lot of encounters is a lot more challenging in a lower chapter city.
  15. Chapter 6

    Congrats, have fun!