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Recent content by Ivy1996

  1. You do gold spire but your FS cannot?

    We are again looking for someone to have a nice time with us. Are you a match? Send me a message in-game! We will play the next FA, not to win, but for the goodies of all three stages
  2. You do gold spire but your FS cannot?

    Join a friendly helpful bunch at Enchanted Light! Gold spire always and usually about 13 tournament chests. We ask gold spire weekly, average around at least 1600 tournament points, friendly and helpful. Check us out and contact me or send an application.
  3. Looking for fellowship adventurer!

    A new fellowship adventure is coming up. Inno has some major improvements to the game play of the adventure (no more lost badges!). Are you joining us for the adventure? Fellowship has won the FA multiple times in the past and we hope to do so once again We require you to clear out your city...
  4. Do ya like it hard?

    Yes, I changed to option 3. I've started a second city recently and as mentioned before, getting enough enchantments or do a lot of encounters is a lot more challenging in a lower chapter city.
  5. Chapter 6

    Congrats, have fun!
  6. The cost of Arcane Residue

    You state you need 1476 in total. I can only guess, but in a really involved FS that would require each member to produce 10 a day And that's doable. I am in a FS that really gives it their all at the FS and I am pretty sure none or very little diamonds are spend getting residue. Did you know...
  7. Discussion Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    After some initial problems trading my ascended steel for ascended marble, things are alright now. Many of my trades have been picked up and since the start I was able to build 16 hubs. So far, I've been progressing through the chapter pretty easily. There are many researches, but since they are...
  8. Goods / Resources panels not expanding

    I have this quite frequently. However, I encountered this only since a couple of days (since I started chapter 18) I am on Android
  9. Discussion Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    So far, this merchant system is not quite working for me. I boost ascended steel To upgrade the portal to level 2 I need ascended planks. So I trade it with the merchants. I currently have three active. However, without spending timer boosts to refresh them, it will take me three days to trade...
  10. Discussion Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    I am so ready ! I hope as soon as the FA ends
  11. What is your Favorite part of Elvenar?

    Doing the maths to most effectively play guest races or figuring out the right number of buildings during FAs.
  12. Discussion Update v1.122 discussion thread

    So happy, I can now filter for fellowship trades in the trader on the mobile app! Very useful for sentient trades
  13. Mystery of the Misty Forest Event discussion thread

    Did not read all the previous comments. I like the new setup a lot. It was fun. Got nine artifacts, so not complaining. I also like picking chests to optimize what you are going for, but this a nice different approach! Thx!
  14. Discussion Tournament Changes

    I'm wondering about those unfavorable strategies in the current setup which I missed out on! I am looking forward to this. I am in a competitive fellowship and curious how we will do with the bonus chests!
  15. Decrease in military craft items

    Agreed, because my fellowship members didn't recognize my issue at all