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Recent content by Iyapo1

  1. Iyapo1

    One Word Reply Game

  2. Iyapo1

    Why can't we trade relics?

    @Tehya1 In case you are interested here is a link to the upcoming tournament changes that we keep talking about: https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/upcoming-tournament-changes.27354/
  3. Iyapo1

    Want to Plan for Orcs Chapter. Any Tips to Make it as Speedy as Possible?

    This is useless for you but kinda funny. The chapter 7 city making the speed run...will hit Orcs with a lv 30 Blooming Trader Guild. It is scroll boosted city so I had to have the BTG for the wholeseller discount. At that lv it will also give me a 40% boost to guest race productions instantly...
  4. Iyapo1

    Why can't we trade relics?

    Not me!
  5. Iyapo1

    Why can't we trade relics?

    There is a tournament change coming. It could drop any day now. It has already dropped on European servers, US servers are delayed until??? @helya ? It will really help with the early game relic shortages. You are not alone this is very much a problem and it is in the process of being mitigated...
  6. Iyapo1

    Why can't we trade relics?

    Dews snarkfest moved past you a long time ago. You did not ask devs to change anything you ask players a question. I hope we were helpful. @Dew you started your snarkfest with: Yes, this Forum could do with a lot less Snark! So snark less.
  7. Iyapo1

    Want to Plan for Orcs Chapter. Any Tips to Make it as Speedy as Possible?

    In the city doing the speed run I will be skipping orc roads. I have the Triump of Tides evolving building which is a mana beast so I will be able to get a hella jump on mana production for woodelf roads. In my city stuck in orcs....I built the orc roads.
  8. Iyapo1

    Want to Plan for Orcs Chapter. Any Tips to Make it as Speedy as Possible?

    When you get into orcs you also might want to craft a few orcs nests to give you a jump on orc production. I dont have a single Armory because I am a catering city, the orcs nests are a must have for me. Also, I have a chapter 7 city that I am going to speed run through orcs straight to the...
  9. Iyapo1

    Lots of "game lagging" complaints

    I am only in 3 FS. I have not seen a single complaint in any of them. Is this a recent development? I had an auto update on mobile this am?
  10. Iyapo1

    Trader Add Proximity ("No Fee") and Rating Filters to Trader

    In addition to what @OIM20 said above, if your smaller cities are posting what they need then their neighbors might help out by picking them up. Alot of players will pick up little trades automatically. I do it. I try not to if there are 20+ of the exact same things because I assume those are...
  11. Iyapo1

    Help expansion

    This is a game of limited space. You can buy extra space, but even that has a hard cap. Basically it is about running your city in your limited space. You will get more space in the tech tree and by completing provinces. So just by continuing you will gain more space. But your city will forever...
  12. Iyapo1

    Wonder upgrade strategy

    I am upgrading my BTG. Let's say the tournament is going and I have 200 KP on the Fellowship KP threads and only 250 left on the BTG and 6 open chests. Instead of putting my tournament KP into the BTG I put it in an overflow, a wonder that I have not started working on yet but placed in my...
  13. Iyapo1

    Wonder upgrade strategy

    I upgrade mine one at a time. But I also have overflow wonders. Those I keep at about the same level.
  14. Iyapo1

    Grounds of the Orc Strategist, and military advice

    Um...29-30 :) I am stuck! I need way more RRs....i have library pieces that are still in chapter 3, the horror! I cant advance like that, it is against my self-inflicted rules. I am going to want my mana producers.
  15. Iyapo1

    Grounds of the Orc Strategist, and military advice

    I run out of RRs and blueprints. I also really like upgrading my wonders to wonderful asap. So I hang out for extra weeks at the begining/end of chapters until I can upgrade everything or until existing wonders hit a certain arbitrary point set by me.