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Recent content by JDiamondW

  1. KP Clock

    Spell time remaining 29:48h
  2. KP Clock

    I'm using the spell so I can collect 20 kp and have been using it off and on since the Phoenix rising event started.
  3. KP Clock

    Doesn't seem the KP clock is working correctly. I swear I went to bed and had 11 and when I came back 3 hours later I still had 11 and the clock said 59 minutes. I watch the clock for the next 30-35 minutes and it's counting down. It hits 22 minutes and suddenly it's back to 59 minutes again...
  4. Dwarven Portal

    Sorry I didn't get updated when this was posted to the thread. No, nothing was upgraded when the bug happen.
  5. Dwarven Portal

    I just tried what I did before and wasn't able to reproduce this now. However I also have upgraded my portal to level 2 and my granite mines so it may only have been a problem with level 1.
  6. Dwarven Portal

    Your right about it only giving you the amount it should. Just says it will give you 96 but doesn't (which is good) but I think it might stop collecting when the bug hits as well.
  7. Dwarven Portal

    I asked someone to try and duplicate it, testing it last night and nothing happen. When you did it are any of the dwarven buildings upgraded?
  8. Dwarven Portal

    Just made my Dwarven Portal and Granite Mines. Adjusting things, moving everything around to get the most space. Once the Granite Mines have granite that can be harvested, if I move the Dwarven Portal all of a sudden I can harvest the Mines at max while 2 minutes earlier they only had say 15...
  9. [12243] Tournament rewards not consistant

    Now I feel REALLY stupid. Thank you!
  10. [12243] Tournament rewards not consistant

    I was to get 6 plank relics at the end of the tournament and when I went to go see how many more I needed for the next boost it still said I needed 7. Does this mean I didn't actually get the reward?