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Recent content by Kazaaar

  1. Moonstone Library in the spire

    Got to the top and earned two gum trees and one mana plant along the way
  2. Gingerbread Mansion base in the MA

    I just found out that the Gingerbread Mansion base is available for crafting in the MA in the live server. I suppose this is a bug since the GM is supposed to be available starting from next week.
  3. City Planning for Chapter 5 Elf

    @Gladiola, I am a bit busy nowadays with RL matters. I spent some time with your city, but honestly I don't think it is possible to incorporate all the changes you want--it is simply much beyond what you can do with 25 expansions. Also, you should know that you are already familiar with the...
  4. Un"bear"able Spire Prizes

    @SoggyShorts The spire round starting this Sunday will be the penultimate round.
  5. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    @Gladiola Thanks for the kind words. Yeah I am not retiring yet. I will probably just cut back on my cash spending a little bit.
  6. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    @Enevhar Aldarion I mentioned it just to make the case that using the cost of purchasing KPs to measure the value of KP instants is probably not the best way. As you indicated, it varies too much depending on whether a person regularly purchases KPs or not. As an alternative, I provided...
  7. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    @SoggyShorts These are in Chapter 5 cities. In my Chapter 5 city, it only costs 120 silk to buy 1 KP. According to your logic, the difference in T2 good production between the two buildings will allow me to purchase dozens of KPs. Probably another potential way to measure the value of KPs in...
  8. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Am I the only person feeling some power creep in the recent event building? Many people would agree that the Pilgrim set is powerful (goods production + CC and relics). Now let's look at the evolving building from the next event. In Chapter 5, it gives 650 culture, 320 pop, and 9100 T2 goods...
  9. Evolving demand for different resources

    So based on what @SoggyShorts and @Henroo said, unless one is a pure caterer, it seems that the demand for T1 goods will indeed go down, leaving one to pile up lots of excess T1.
  10. 24 hour production cycles

    @samidodamage Thanks. I guessed there would have been a similar idea in the past, but had little idea what search term to use. So the feedback from the developers is "The developers do acknowledge the problem you have all brought forward, but unfortunately, they do not see the collection...
  11. 24 hour production cycles

    Many event buildings (including evolving buildings and set buildings) have 24-hour production cycles. However, these cycles are difficult to fit into one's daily life. Let me explain what I mean in more detail. I guess most daily players will check their cities 2 - 3 times a day: in the...
  12. Evolving demand for different resources

    I have a question about how the demand for different resources evolves over the gameplay. In earlier chapters, only a few resources (standard goods + gold and supplies) are required for the spire, tournament, and general city progression (research, building upgrades, provinces, etc). In later...
  13. City organization

    https://www.elvenarchitect.com/city/planner/22af3fb34710498884aa0df2348523e4/ This is what I did as an example. I did it in a hurry, so it wouldn't be 100% optimized. Also, I prefer to put the same buildings together, but in your case I couldn't do so because it was a bit of a mess. You can...
  14. City organization

    Just a few quick points. 1. Try to place large buildings requiring street connection along the boundary of your city, and at the end of the street in particular. By doing so, you can reduce the number of streets dedicated to them. For example, currently your Magic Academy is adjoining 5 street...
  15. Looking for a New Archmage for our Fellowship

    This is one of the best answers I have so far seen on this forum. The suggested message is written very clearly, includes probably all the major points that need to be included, and at the same time shows the affection the AM has for the FS. I can see that @samidodamage has put a lot of care...