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Recent content by Kekune

  1. Kekune

    Discussion Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    Ugh. I'm so on the fence with this AW. I've placed it at level 1, and can't bring myself to level it, though math tells me it'll be a very, VERY good orc producer for a strong tourney player. I don't have near as many armories as you do, but I'm not hurting for orcs... but maybe I should make...
  2. Kekune

    City Let us organize our building inventory

    I think the filter combined with the search would actually be more useful than organizing them myself. I don't want to micromanage where they are, just to be able to find things. Search helps when I know exactly what I want (like buff buildings). I'd also love to be able to filter by what a...
  3. Kekune

    City Let us organize our building inventory

    At least on mobile you can search now. That's not always helpful, but it does solve the endless scrolling to find buff buildings.
  4. Kekune

    How would you change the Spire formula?

    My understanding of the techs is that they're cumulative. Since you can't "unresearch" a tech, this number would only increase and never go back to zero.
  5. Kekune

    Not a Bug Pyramid of Purification does not work with Witch Hut

    @Henroo the pyramid doesn't work with "bonus" productions. I believe the orcs from the witches hut are considered "bonus" and this is working as designed.
  6. Kekune

    Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    It really bums me out to hear that folks hate this event. I, for one, love it and wish we would get MORE variety like this, not less. It seems to be generally well-liked in my fellowship. One person asked in chat about how to move the lights over to the fog; she was quickly helped and it didn't...
  7. Kekune

    Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    You don't win the currency itself but you do find lights hidden in the fog. All you'd have done with the pumpkin currency anyway is buy those lights. Does that help ease your worry?
  8. Kekune

    Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    Not particularly. And dailies seem few and far between in this style. I'm choosing to just focus on the mechanics, which I find very entertaining, and not worry terribly about the dailies. Everything I expect to get from this event is pretty much a filler prize anyway, so I'll at least try to...
  9. Kekune

    Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    For y'all who can't figure out why anybody would want to reroll... it's useful when you are impatient and simply MUST walk through the fog a bit but hate the current daily. I'm not trying to get any specific prize out of it.
  10. Kekune


    They're in the 10th tournament chest. If you don't have any, you can pay 300 diamonds for the upgrade, instead.
  11. Kekune

    Perhaps the Phoenix is superfluous

    This just created a really weird mental association. Here's what I'll be thinking next time my phoenix is hungry: It's kind of an odd choice for battle, but everybody loves Julie Andrews, right?
  12. Kekune

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Same. I decided I'd rather just keep going. So far, I'm managing... but the cost increases are hard to keep up with. It's definitely something I have to actively watch, whereas for a few chapters before the changes last year, things just grew easily and naturally. I might have to tank a few...
  13. Kekune

    Other Request that Developers Play

    @Iyapo1 thanks for that. I've been curious how much they play. Seems they must play some...but I wouldn't fault them for limiting it. I'd imagine that anybody who works full time on a project/game might prefer to do other things in their free time. I mean, half of any game's appeal is that it's...
  14. Kekune

    Other Player exit from a Fellowship

    Or they have serious concerns about the group or its leadership, or simply can't make the switch in between all the many events that they might disrupt. I agree, this is a hard no from me.
  15. Kekune

    Communication NH Streak Display

    I don't think seeing a streak is terribly helpful information. It would identify the folks who do it consistently, but doesn't do the reverse. A lack of a current streak just means the player didn't give help in the last 24 hours. That could be a fluke, or it could be a pattern. You'd still have...