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Recent content by Laftar

  1. Laftar

    Score decrease

    I'm sorry to necro this, but did you find out what happened? My score dropped about 3k, even though my culture percentage and pop has stayed the same with some balanced upgrades. What I find even more strange is that someone in my fs has gone up about 40k without making very many upgrades. She...
  2. Laftar

    Game down (resolved)

    I haven't been able to get in for about an hour.
  3. Laftar

    Looking for active fellowship as a newbie

    Boosted Traders & Tourney has openings in Khelonaar, if you're still looking SirJoshua. We'd prefer boosts in steel, crystal, and potions/gems, but we'd be happy to take you regardless of your boosts. We're a tournament-focused fellowship, but we play the other events too when the prizes seem...
  4. Laftar

    fellowship wanted

    Boosted Traders & Tourney has room, if you're still looking Frayea-1. We're a tournament-focused fellowship, play the other events when the prizes seem worth it to us, like to chat, and welcome daily players.
  5. Laftar

    Open No multiplayer spire prizes

    Same in Khelonaar. At least I'm not the only one. I thought I might have done something wrong. Hopefully, this gets fixed soon!
  6. Laftar

    Current posting.

    Hehehe, no. I thought, since this hadn't been resolved or addressed, and the issue was still current and open, it was okay to post! XD
  7. Laftar

    Current posting.

    I see the mods archiving some posts, like in the discussion threads (especially when a bug or something has been fixed), but I don't see archiving used in the "members seeking fellowship" or "fellowship seeking members" sections. Just today, two posts that are 2-3 years-old were necro'd in the...
  8. Laftar

    Active Fellowship Sought

    For lower-ranked members, it's a lot cheaper to cater the fights, which is why you're able to do so much more than your other fellowship members. It gets a lot more expensive to cater and more time-consuming to fight as you move up in chapters. So even though they produce more, it still costs...
  9. Laftar

    Discussion Winter Magic Event Feedback

    Maybe Inno could circumvent some of the unhappiness around this event by establishing a loyalty prize program for members who've made a purchase in the past (bigger loyalty prizes for people who spend more) for these types of events. So, they'll win more than a person who has never put money...
  10. Laftar

    Discussion Winter Magic Event Feedback

    I enjoyed this event. I got two wishing wells out of this, just doing what I'd normally do (crafting, visiting, tourneying, donating kp). So, thanks for the winter magic!
  11. Laftar

    Happy New Year!

    Thank-you for your hard work. Happy new year to all. I hope it's filled with love and good health.
  12. Laftar

    Boosted Traders & Tourney is recruiting

    Oh, hi Lanthum! Nice to see you here. :) *hug* I love your avatar quote. Hello to everyone else. I hope you all had a safe and happy new year's celebration. We have a couple new members (who we're so happy to have), but we still have room for more. So, if you're still looking for a fs, Boosted...
  13. Laftar

    Active Fellowship Sought

    Hi, Sly! Boosted Traders & Tourney is accepting members right now. We're a tourney fs and you're boosted in goods that'll balance us out, so you seem like you could be a good fit for us. We're friendly and supportive, organized but not obsessive, and do well in the non-tourney events too (if the...
  14. Laftar

    Boosted Traders & Tourney is recruiting

    Hello, all. My fs has 16 members right now, so we have room for cuddlers. If you're not a cuddler, there's still room for you. :) Ideally, we're looking for tourney players with steel, crystal, and gem boosts. If you don't have those boosts, we're still open to having you. Even with only 16...
  15. Laftar

    Looking for a more active fellowship

    Hello, Enchanted. If you're still looking around, we have a number of openings in Boosted Traders & Tourney. Your boosted goods are a good fit for us, as well as your neighborly visit habits. We push for the 10th chest every 6-8 weeks, depending on holidays and such, and generally get to the 6th...