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Recent content by Lelanya

  1. Lelanya

    New Game Features A new type of special event building

    Hi Matthias It's best to read this thread before adding a poll to any suggestion. I will read your posts in the morning and give feedback, as per the pinned post mentioned above.
  2. Lelanya

    Starting a racing city!

    Awww hon. Take care
  3. Lelanya

    Wood Elves

    Yup I am right. You need mana tears, production #1 in the Forest Fabrication building, to upgrade the Forest Glade.
  4. Lelanya

    Wood Elves

    I think that intermediate productions are required in order to upgrade the portal, though.
  5. Lelanya

    Voting Fellowship Spire tab

    I completely support this idea. This has been needed since the Spire became a group activity, and we have been asking for it since then. Perhaps the relevant question is, why can't this be developed?
  6. Lelanya

    chat censor

    Yeah man, whatever happened to freedom of speech? I like Joe Cocker too. But if you think it's fun, here, you should read this debate on the Beta Forum. The censor there has been huffing paint in several different languages. :rolleyes:
  7. Lelanya

    User Interface Second archmage

    Good suggestion, thanks. I haven't seen this proposed in a couple of years now, so it's past time to revisit this.
  8. Lelanya

    Open Feedback request: Has the game freezing issue been solved for you?

    Ugh Troops are still standing around and staring at each other. That's always annoying, considering we have to manual fight to avoid heavy losses because the , ahem, lovely mistwalkers are walking pretty tall this week.
  9. Lelanya

    City Post-it Note Story

    Ahm ....
  10. Lelanya

    Curse of the Mist Walkers

    I did notice something as well. Now, y'all know I don't record numbers. But the opponents are shrugging off their wounds and effects too soon, for one thing. I think some of mine are doing the same, but not nearly as often. Also, my troops are getting their butts royally kicked at too high a...
  11. Lelanya

    Complete Spire boss contest final vote

    2, 3, 4 Grats to all who made it this far.
  12. Lelanya

    World Map Modification to " mines"

    *Shudder* I did once upon a time have to game with the silent and the dead; when a poacher neighbor induced me to stay behind on a big move day. Do you have any idea what it's like, to tourney with ghosts on your checkpoints? To have no one left but your (very dead) minimum four neighbors, and...
  13. Lelanya

    What's in a name?

    Lol Thanks, @ed1960, as you know, I wouldn't have seen the thread without help. I'll share ;)
  14. Lelanya

    User Interface Second archmage

    What an interesting thread this is. Backstory: I am an Archmage of long standing. I have founded a few FSs in my time, run some for others, and opened one ( does it Ever stop at one?) - well let's call it the one - my heart home. Share??
  15. Lelanya

    you messed it up again!

    Hmmm Watching. Pass the popcorn please.