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Recent content by Lemon Wren

  1. Lemon Wren

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    Thanks for the link, Sir Squirrel. The iDavis video was very helpful.
  2. Lemon Wren

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Oooooh, sweet! Thank you! Looks great! :)
  3. Lemon Wren

    Fellowship Adventure

    I have three accounts and the last two times I looked for a new FS I specifically checked to see who mentioned FAs and then avoided applying to them. (Although I'm currently in two great ones that didn't mention FAs and I still feel like there's an unspoken expectation that all will...
  4. Lemon Wren

    Fellowship Adventure

    I have one city that had accumulated a lot of Coin instants, but once they're gone, they're gone. Won't be able to repeat this in subsequent FA's.
  5. Lemon Wren

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    This speaks to me. I very quickly grew to dislike the FA for numerous reasons that I'm I don't need to list, so recent changes made me dislike it much less, but this coin situation once again makes this almost mandatory group event just so ridiculously terrible all over again.
  6. Lemon Wren

    FS's Get Fellowship Points From Clearing FA Waypoints, Right?

    Just trying to get clarity on this. Thanks in advance!
  7. Lemon Wren

    Discussion Naturally Amazing

    I was looking forward to this event, mainly because I liked the look of the event buildings, but am disappointed by how few permanent buildings I've gotten compared to how many temporary single-use booster buildings I've gotten. And it sounds like the next event is the sea themed one, which...
  8. Lemon Wren

    So you've just been moved

    My neighborhood on Sinya is the same way. More gold mines all the time and I can see the land to my east is a wasteland. It's strange to see the map basically shrinking.
  9. Lemon Wren

    Is it possible to not fight?

    I was 100% positive I would cater only because I didn't want a hint of fighting and now here I am, climbing the Spire to the top weekly, and slowly but steadily shifting my city to fighting. And now my smaller cities are making the shift earlier while my newest baby city is being built from the...
  10. Lemon Wren

    News City movement

    All I know is that after getting moved many months ago to a much better spot than I had before, this neighborhood is increasingly getting filled with gold mines. At first I discovered them to the south when I scouted south, but now they are moving up and replacing provinces that once held...
  11. Lemon Wren

    Possible/Adviseable to Have Zero AWs?

    Thank you for the fuzzy math. That's very helpful!
  12. Lemon Wren

    Possible/Adviseable to Have Zero AWs?

    Ok thanks for the advice. Makes sense. Guess I'll plan out where to put the GA and Needles again in this city. My standard M.O., haha.
  13. Lemon Wren

    Possible/Adviseable to Have Zero AWs?

    I have four cities, across three accounts. They are all human. Three are built for fighting and one is strictly casual. My main city is in Wood Elves and has the usual complement of AWs - GA, Needles, Sanctuary, Mountain Halls, etc., including a BGT that I built strictly because I thought it was...
  14. Lemon Wren

    Marble No Longer Needed?

    Interesting points. Thanks, everyone!
  15. Lemon Wren

    Marble No Longer Needed?

    Yes, same in all of mine.