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Recent content by Mailea Labria

  1. Hardware acceleration problem

    Today it's finally working properly again, whatever was done - thank you!
  2. Hardware acceleration problem

    Today it's almost playable. I had to turn off hardware acceleration, reload Chrome, turn it on, reload chrome, and that made the game load. It's still sluggish and freezes, which requires me to repeat all the steps with reloading, but I can do "something".
  3. Hardware acceleration problem

    Since Chrome updated to Version 88.0.4324.150 (Official Build) (64-bit) - I'm getting a Hardware acceleration error, despite it being turned on. I even turned it off and on again, but problems still exist. The game is so slow it's unplayable. Game version: v1.122.3-(0737049) - html5 (2021-02-04...
  4. The Sorcerers' Pilgrimage discussion and feedback

    The last quest in this event is either complete idiotic lack of planning or complete lack of respect for players. Gain 20 relics a day after the tournament ends, oh yes, thank you so much. That's perfect for people who reached the limit of provinces for expansions.
  5. Winter Magic Event Feedback

    I haven't seen it, but I believe you.
  6. Winter Magic Event Feedback

    I hate it, thank you. I really don't understand a need for repairing something that is not broken and giving us something broken and then failing in repairing it over and over again. After getting this last 3 days in a ROW OVER AND OVER AGAIN 1. Produce fresh Supplies for the local food market...
  7. Autumn Zodiac Event Feedback

    I'm sorry I didn't explain what I meant with finish - I chose one of the bears to upgrade and I want to finish that ONE, but I have no way to make it in this event and expecting my fellowship to do the FA to the end of level 3 to get one upgrade (and I'll need 3 at least) is just plain...
  8. Autumn Zodiac Event Feedback

    YES - I have a feeling like somebody decided I have no right to gain anything in this event and that's truly, utterly and completely ridiculous. Except for this crazy quest which ate over 50 Vision Vapor I had at the start of the event I had twice make 3/5 Toolbox with Workshop of your chapter...
  9. Autumn Zodiac Event Feedback

    This is ridiculous - completely nuts. I got this quest http://prntscr.com/pesw44 in all 23 times since the start of the event - I can't move in event. I'm high level player finishing Elementals and moving into Amuni, soon to open Archeology and I'm on 54 points reward quest. I didn't freak out...