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Recent content by michmarc

  1. michmarc

    Notification when collecting from Golden Abyss does not include culture bonus

    Game version: v1.165.2-(18133ce) - html5 (2022-12-08 10:49) Game world: Khelonar Browser + version: Edge Version 108.0.1462.46 (Official build) (64-bit) Operating System: Windows 11 (10.0.22621.963) Screen resolution: 1920x1080 Account name: michmarc Humans or Elves: Elf When collecting from...
  2. michmarc

    Winter Magic discussion thread

    The tooltip notification when you click on the GA gold production isn't showing the culture boost, although the notification you get in the status bar at the top of the screen [desktop] does show that extra amount. (I assume the same is true for EE and PT, but I haven't checked.) (13728/8320...
  3. michmarc

    Autumn Zodiac 2022

    Not sure how that helps because scouting cost (and hence encounter difficulty) go up as each province is scouted, not as they are completed.
  4. michmarc

    Autumn Zodiac 2022

    Note that @Jackluyt's isn't quite correct. The raw numbers are accurate, but it isn't always right to pick the chest with the "best" option because it may be too expensive when you have bad choices. A simple example to cite what I mean: Say you have only 3 chests: a chest costing 50 that...
  5. michmarc

    15 KP code is Wrong in Dawn of phoenix

    Just came to report the same thing.
  6. michmarc

    Non-boosted production quest in Ch18

    I just got this quest. I'm boosted in Planks, which means my boosted ascended good is Ignited Ingots. Why am I being asked to produce Sprouts? The game should never encourage the production of non-boosted goods. (A better quest might be to acquire sprouts, as a way to introduce ascended...
  7. michmarc

    Residence and Workshop Size

    I think what @Elocean is asking is not that the grid-square size change, but that the building take up less space in that grid so it doesn't overlap things as much. I think that large buildings overlapping small things is a big problem, not just with houses but with all buildings. Good luck...
  8. michmarc

    No warning when nothing would be lost

    There are a number of places in the game where you get a warning that if you do this, production will reset. For example, switching the trader between Seeds and Unurium, evolving a wonder, moving a set piece, etc. However, it gives this same warning, even if nothing would be lost. See the...
  9. michmarc

    Neighborly help window

    The only hope is that there are other ideas that they have shot down (like fellowship badges) that suddenly out of nowhere get implemented. [I'd like a "help everyone" button like some other games have so I don't even have to mash hundreds of buttons, even if it is as easy as mobile makes it.]
  10. michmarc

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

    What a si11y thread...
  11. michmarc

    Suggestion for New Event Building: Pet Food

    And people complain it doesn't show up there very often. It's not artifact scarce, but available in limited quantities. Sort of like the military buildings (Unleashed Unit, etc), you can only craft them at the rate they show up in the MA; you can't make "as much as you want" like you can for...
  12. michmarc

    Suggestion for New Event Building: Pet Food

    While I'm sure everyone would like more pet food in the same way that everyone would like more diamonds, I can't really see it happening. When the feeding animals first rolled out, Inno said that scarcity of pet food was a limiting factor for the powerful feeding abilities that these buildings...
  13. michmarc

    Odd word wrap in research description

    Also, I can see this on another PC. Also using edge, but with a normal-DPI monitor (1920x1080 with both Windows set at 100% and Edge at 100%.)
  14. michmarc

    Creating Space Quest in Dwarves Unacceptable

    Note that when you get to the end of the chapter, all of the "mandatory" quests become declinable. Additionally, there is no requirement to do the quests "in order" (that is, you can work on other parts of your tech tree and come back to that. You'll probably have a flurry of quests to pick up...