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Recent content by mikeledo

  1. mikeledo

    What buildings do I need for fighting the Spire

    Yes and it combines with UUU and your AW
  2. mikeledo

    NOT Enough soap & shrooms for everyone

    I would day the issue is not a shortage but an overproduction of bismuth.
  3. mikeledo

    Discussion Update 1.113 Discussions

    Dead Puppies aren't much fun
  4. mikeledo

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I just want to change things up. New path design? What if the requirements for each step of the way are random and hidden from view. There would be no way to know the easy path or what was needed ahead of time. Every FS would a different FA but they could all be within a narrow band of...
  5. mikeledo


    They are slightly distorted because I wanted to eliminate the names of the owners.
  6. mikeledo

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    What is wrong with rewarding those that want to excel in the FA?
  7. mikeledo


  8. mikeledo

    Discussion Update 1.113 Discussions

    I have created a puppy farm to slaughter dogs.
  9. mikeledo

    brown bear

    I have 2 but have not done that. Since they stack with the Timewarp, I would assume they do.
  10. mikeledo


    I noticed a couple of people have avatars that are not available to me. I have all the AWs in both elf and human. Is this something one can get by going to level 35 on an AW or something? Did I miss the announcement?
  11. mikeledo

    Autumn Zodiac Event Discussion Thread

    I managed to get 9 artifacts in all my cities last event. Looks like I may end up with 8. I didn't spend any money or diamonds.
  12. mikeledo

    New Game Features Tweaks after seeing newest game update

    Hover instead of clicking. I am not that lazy yet. Maybe next year.
  13. mikeledo

    Other Autumn Zodiac: Daily Exclusive prize insufficient, unworthy

    We all agree it sucks. INNO will change it only when we folks stop spending diamonds on the event to get two moon bears.
  14. mikeledo

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    The information so far is accurate but I have yet to find out how to effectively utilize it. Oh. We need a lot of sentient goods. Gosh didn't see that coming.
  15. mikeledo

    New Game Features Donate/Transfer Stored Buildings/Items

    We need something else to make it easier for push accounts.