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Recent content by MinMax Gamer

  1. MinMax Gamer

    Discussion The Air Traders Voyage Event Discussion

    Just like with any expiring building, time starts when you place it.
  2. MinMax Gamer

    Why upgrade your manufactories?

    IIRC L31 T2 is comparable to L27 in chapter 16 if all your culture/pop is about 1200 each per tile (e.g. each culture/pop tile is 1200 culture AND 1200 pop on average). Which is impossible, and it's not even close - e.g. VR3s in chapter 16 have efficiency of only half that (~600 of each per tile).
  3. MinMax Gamer

    Crafting Recipes - Master List

    Not sure what assumptions you use here, but the conclusion is obviously questionable. Even if you will be seeing more (pet food OR relics), it does not mean (more pet food AND more relics). They may attach 11% probabilities to each relic recipe, and 0.25% to each PF one for all we know. I am...
  4. MinMax Gamer

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    The data on the next event has been available for quite some time, it's just a matter of turning it on.
  5. MinMax Gamer

    Spire diplomacy/catering tutorial

    And last but not least - Level 3, and it is time to fight! https://minmaxgame.com/elvenar-advanced-spire-tutorial-level-3/
  6. MinMax Gamer

    Crafting Recipes - Master List

    https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/undocumented-changes.14468/post-86822 @PaNonymeB: If this gets implemented as is, it will likely invalidate all the data on frequencies that we've collected so far.
  7. MinMax Gamer

    Tournament & Spire info.

    I do track tournament losses on 9 week cycles, and my losses are going down slightly on like-for-like basis (measured in squads), with consistent usage of boosts and tactic. The decrease is commensurate with my slow upgrades to Martial Monastery. I definitely do not see losses increase for many...
  8. MinMax Gamer

    Spire diplomacy/catering tutorial

    Um, it's right there in the largest font possible, in both Level 1 and Level 2 videos... ~55% for 6 goods in 3 attempts.
  9. MinMax Gamer

    Discussion Embassies

    OK, so I finally finished everything in chapter 16. Here are some milestones: - Day 58: activated the last mandatory tech; this effectively completes no-techlock challenge - Day 61: finished all dwarven/fairy production, so deleted all their production buildings - Day 67: finished all statutes...
  10. MinMax Gamer

    Spire diplomacy/catering tutorial

    And here it is: https://minmaxgame.com/elvenar-advanced-spire-tutorial-level-2/
  11. MinMax Gamer

    Why upgrade your manufactories?

    This is just not accurate, not by a long shot. Here is a ballpark calculation that can show how off that statement is. Let's look at Elven planks, and use L6 vs L31 for maximum effect. Let's say we want to produce 1000 planks per 3 hours. We can ignore boost levels as the same boost would apply...
  12. MinMax Gamer

    Middle of the map - locations?

    Pretty much yes.
  13. MinMax Gamer

    There's random and then there's Inno-Random?

    If you haven't been hitting the very top consistently, then your chances would be significantly worse as there is a 20% DA option in the final chest.
  14. MinMax Gamer

    Spire diplomacy/catering tutorial

    And apparently by popular demand ;) here is another Spire run, somewhat more advanced. This time this is an end-game city (Chapter 16), so we have demands for all the possible goods. And we will also do some fighting! For diplomatic approach we will use the optimal strategic choices - reflecting...
  15. MinMax Gamer

    There's random and then there's Inno-Random?

    OK, I'll bite. Where did you get 3 gold chests from? That's way above expectations. Total number of bonus chests for the full Spire run is about 6.3. I don't know the exact percentages for different bonus chests, but it seems that gold chests are about 20-25% of all bonus chests. So you'd expect...