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Recent content by Momonar

  1. How long would you say chapters take?(I know it varies)

    I averaged about 6 months per chapter for the last 4 chapters (including Exiles), so call it 183 days. However, I only play in 2 servers (arendyll, and felyndryl) so game time could be concentrated.
  2. New Game Features History of Wonder Upgrades

    Problem: For those of us who use Wonder Societies to implement fast and fair kp exchange, when a wonder has upgraded before we get the donation data, it causes pain to the members. Solution: Provide access to the history of donation data for a given wonder. Implementation Ideas: From the...
  3. Other Craft recipes for Evolve Artifacts

    Problem: As the number of evolve buildings increases over time, the ability to get a craft recipe in the Magic Academy for a desired evolve artifact is near zero. (corollary - same is true for the recipe for the evolve building if you have sold it to update the level). Solution: Combine...
  4. New Game Features New Ancient Wonder Idea

    I don't trust it.... probably creates genetically modified pet food.... where is my non GMO vegan pet food made from whole grain?
  5. New Game Features New Ancient Wonder Idea

    Looks like defiantoneks for the win... Event reward at 240 is a building that produces 1 pet food every 45 hours - lasts 10 days.
  6. Avalon seeking Spire and Tournament players

    4 spots immediately available. Moving from a casual gold spire fellowship to a weekly gold spire fellowship. No score minimums - must be able to top the spire (or at least top of level 2 every week). 1k average minimum tourney score (2k preferred). Wonder Society KP sharing system for fast and...
  7. New Game Features Tome for spire rewards

    I would favor replacing the dwarven armorer spire prize with a tome of combat (pick between dwarven armorer, or unit damage boost building Mage, Archer, Light Melee, Heavy Melee, Heavy Range). I would favor replacing the evolve token spire prize with a tome of Evolution (pick between all past...
  8. Gold Spire Seekers - Avalon wants you!

    Top 20 Fellowship seeks Gold Spire motivated players to join our Fellowship. We are transitioning from "best effort" to "weekly gold spire" (currently at gold once per 4 weeks). We have a Wonder Society KP sharing system which makes KP sharing fast and easy. Come join us (bring a friend!)...
  9. New Game Features New Ancient Wonder Idea

    True to all of the above. It might be better and more likely to be worth it if the wonder extended the duration by level, and generated pet food (at the rate of 1 / week base, then every 10 levels, 1 more per week, max at 4 per week). Mechanic wise, it is similar to Enar's Embassy and Tome of...
  10. Complete May Diamond giveaway

    Boss 1: Xandar (zan dahr) - guardian of the spire galaxy. Boss 2: Prince MissileToad - protector of the 2nd realm. Boss 3: Optimist Factorable - transformer of troops to diamonds
  11. One Word Reply Game

  12. New Game Features New Ancient Wonder Idea

    I view it as similar to the wonder that adds duration to magical manufacturing, or adds portal % modifiers like blooming trader guild. Shouldn't be that difficult, plenty of templates to choose from (including the status boxes you get when you hover over a value to see what goes into the value)...
  13. New Game Features New Ancient Wonder Idea

    I would like an Ancient Wonder building that increases the duration of pet food by a certain percent. 40 levels to maybe max out at 200%? What do you all think?
  14. Avalon Seeking Spire and Tournament oriented players

    Top 20 Fellowship has openings for Spire and Tournament players. We currently are a laid back 11/12 chest / Silver Spire fellowship that is transitioning to a gold spire fellowship. We use a Wonder Society KP sharing system for Ancient Wonder development. If interested, contact me or one of the...
  15. Game Freezing and/or not responding

    I finally got in. yeah.