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Recent content by Mountain Mama

  1. Time to say goodbye

    You will be very much missed here, but I am so glad for you that you are choosing the better thing for yourself! Blessings, Mountain Mama
  2. Complete Elvenar Recipe Contest!

    At the Tea House, the Fairies are serving Elvenarian Blueberry Birthday Bites along with their signature Purple Tea. Come in and get them while they are warm to celebrate Elvenar's birthday. Or since the Fairies have been kind enough to allow me to share this delightful birthday treat's recipe...
  3. Help Must I build a barracks?

    Thanks, HKRM! Yes, I've already been experiencing not being able to complete chapter quests...since the next quest is to place a barracks. *sigh* I can't remember when you start being able to turn down chapter quests. I thought maybe it was in chapter 3. It sounds like you are saying that I...
  4. Help Must I build a barracks?

    I've started a new, tiny, intentionally slow-growing city in a new world. I want to exclusively cater/convince. Do I HAVE to build a barracks? As in, will there come a point where the game will simply not progress if I don't?