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Recent content by Mykan

  1. Mykan

    Be Carefull

    Sadly if the arch had kept the fellowship and rejoined people they could have submitted a ticket to try and get your original name back. Perks would have remained intact. I am aware of the name "steal" thing happening and support solving it in the past.
  2. Mykan

    Up to date tournament prep advice

    While there might be differences in guides the basics should be the same, for example I haven't seen a guide recommending LM be used to attack an enemy of only HM or HR troops. However that same group of HM troops will get a variety of responses in different guides regarding specific troops...
  3. Mykan

    Battle Difficulty and Squad size upgrade questions

    In the majority difficulty is squad size verse squad size. Years and years ago when the system changed the devs explained that fights where the enemy outnumber us 2:1 are designed to be impossible. On the world map the difficulty rating is mostly based on what this ratio is. There are other...
  4. Mykan

    Wonder Wax

    yeah comparing sentient trades to ascended goods is not the same. Trading is restricted with ascended goods so it is slow to begin with. It varies by world though, I can't get wonder wax at all in US1. There are so many factors between: those in that chapter people at end of chapter who stop...
  5. Mykan

    Spreadsheets of Manufactory Efficiency by Chapter, Revised and Complete

    Once you hit chapter 8 or 222 provinces you will need them. There are a orc nests that can be crafted (maybe build some in chapter 7 and plan to upgrade with RR) as an alternative. I have not run the numbers for orc production, only training size. The interesting thing with orc production is an...
  6. Mykan

    Spreadsheets of Manufactory Efficiency by Chapter, Revised and Complete

    I have run my own calculations (not a google sheet otherwise I could share) and my numbers that I checked to yours are almost identical, couple decimal places vary. We differ on the cultural building we have chosen whch seems to be the reason for the variances. I tended to favour buildings of...
  7. Mykan

    Frequency of Events

    The simplest advice is just skip the events, ignore them if you want a break. You could do the same for FA's, lots of work and little reward. For the events if you just do what you normally do you will still get free stuff (why not, its free) but there is no need to try and complete the quests...
  8. Mykan

    City Teleported Bldgs flag

    Evolves are event buildings and sort with event items, normal buildings sort at the end. I skimmed over some responses, so I missed your comment. The original idea is to flag teleported items, something I still oppose as there are simpler more effective options. There is still things to be...
  9. Mykan

    City Teleported Bldgs flag

    I mostly use browser and mine are all grouped together, checking mobile they are also grouped together. What the mobile has that the browser does not is a search option. Asking for things to align the two versions or options like filtering are easier to implement then a whole new feature of...
  10. Mykan

    City Teleported Bldgs flag

    You do realise that all teleported buildings are on the last page(s)? No great need to move them to the front or tag them. However if you would like improvement in this space I think this idea https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/building-inventory.30901/ Is far better and more...
  11. Mykan

    Emerald Elites - vacancy

    Currently have a vacancy and looking for someone who enjoys a bit of friendly competition but still knows how to have fun. Ideal candidate would be focused on tournament and spire with a town around chapter 17+ Our only rules are around tournament and spire based on avg performance over 6...
  12. Mykan

    Armories: How Many is Too Many?

    So many variables and factors more information could tailor a better response. People talk about cater verse military like its one or the other, my experience is most towns are balanced, they do both and adjust to the situation with the best strategy they have at the time. Cater only towns are...
  13. Mykan

    Forum 'Goods'

    while there is no screen for this one option in game is if you have the production set to produce from all buildings at once. This works slightly differrent on mobile to browser but the concept is the same. Collect everything in your town and when you go to produce from everything, check the...
  14. Mykan

    New Game Features Leagues for Fellowships

    I still think leagues are more invovled than is necessary even something as simple as using the current in-game mechanics of badges and being able to filter fellowships based on what they have earnt like a 5 chest, 10 chest, bronze, silver, gold badge would be huge (FA badges if they ever do...
  15. Mykan

    What badges do you have the most of after completing the FA?

    coins badges are not based on what house you built troop badges are not based on a specific building or a specific troop spell badges are not based on a specific spell These are standard inherit mechanics in the game and someone not doing those is an exception (maybe troop is more common not to...