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Recent content by Nightguest

  1. Nightguest

    Discussion Update 1.125 discussion

    Thanks for that (and to the mod that fixed it) :D
  2. Nightguest

    Discussion Update 1.125 discussion

    Any thoughts about v1.125? Let us know here! Before anyone asks, yes we have made sure that your...passionate thoughts on AR have been properly forwarded to everyone else on the Elvenar team.
  3. Nightguest

    Game Update Release notes version 1.125

    Release Notes Dear Humans and Elves, We plan to update Elvenar to version 1.125 this week on Thursday, 18th of March. Improvements Knowledge Point Donations - A popup message, appearing when trying to donate more Knowledge Points than are missing to another players' Ancient Wonder, has been...
  4. Nightguest

    Complete Win Diamonds With a New Year Comic Contest!

    Greetings all! I wanna apologize for the delay in getting back to you with the results (some FA issues may have driven me up the wall, no thanks to a very very late notification making half the server believe that they won something and didn't get it), however, they are now in and everyone who...
  5. Nightguest

    Discussion January Comic Contest Discussion

    This exactly, I mentioned Rage Comics directly as that was the first thing that came to mind when I thought of fun comics that require little/no artistic abilities, but of course, you're not limited to rage comics, it can be anything. I'd say that a sense of humor is a much larger requirement...
  6. Nightguest

    Hello Things just got real

    Greetings and welcome to this interestingly scary place! (ok, not scary, just welcome!!) Always good to see a new person join.
  7. Nightguest

    Closed | Archived Hardware error

    Could you let me know what your system hardware is (CPU and Graphics card names). There are issues with html5 on older hardware as the rendering is blocked by the browser developers - but there may be workarounds if you're willing to test things out with me (I'd tell you what to try). A quick...
  8. Nightguest

    Discussion January Comic Contest Discussion

    Want to say/discuss anything about the comic contest? Please do so here! :cool:
  9. Nightguest

    Complete Win Diamonds With a New Year Comic Contest!

    Goooooooooood afternoon Elvenar US! Firstly, 2021 is finally here, so from everyone in the Elvenar team, we wish you all a Happy New Year! 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, so we really do hope that 2021 gradually picks up, ultimately becoming an infinitely better year - fingers...
  10. Nightguest

    Personal attacks

    I'm honestly somewhat baffled by this thread, so giving my 2c worth here. [Personal thoughts] I find this thread to be extremely hypocritical considering past actions that the team was forced to take. What's more, I have already told you what our stance is (a stance that I had reviewed as I...
  11. Nightguest

    Update v1.119 Discussion thread

    The final update of 2020 - v 1.119 has been announced here! As a note, v1.120 will come in January, so please do not be alarmed at the 2-week update pause. Please use this thread to discuss the changes!
  12. Nightguest

    Game Update Release Notes version 1.119

    Release Notes Dear Humans and Elves, We plan to update all live markets to version 1.119 on Thursday, December 10th. This will be the final new version of this year, as v1.120 will be launching in January! Improvements We're adding a whole bunch of new avatars to the game! For both Humans...
  13. Nightguest

    Update v1.117 discussion thread

    Tally ho! v1.117 has just been announced here, so as usual, this is your discussion thread! Please use this thread to discuss the changes. Note I've got quite a few comments/feedback to work through on the other posts so will be jumping on them later today/early tomorrow!
  14. Nightguest

    Game Update Release Notes version 1.117

    Release Notes Dear Humans and Elves, We plan to update to game version 1.116 on Thursday, November 12th. This update comes with several changes, the details of which can be found below! Bug Fixes As with every update, we've resolved a number of bugs, among which: Building Menu - The...
  15. Nightguest

    Discussion Chapter 17 - Traders of Unur - Discussion

    Hello there everyone, Chapter 16, the Traders of Unur has just been announced here: https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/chapter-17-traders-of-unur.25617/ Please use this thread to discuss the latest chapter, I'll be looking forward to knowing what you think of it.